New 06 4.0L V6 mustang what to upgrade?

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  1. i got a new 06 V6 mustang and im wondering what i should upgrade first. i only got like 300$
  2. are you looking for some performance upgrades or body mods?
  3. Here's one potential idea. :)
  4. Cheap mods...

    Can't go wrong with tint, if its a manual get a short shifter (most fun mod to me), springs?
  5. performance
  6. switch to a gt muffler cheap and good results
  7. Moved thread to tech.

    We have a good group of fellas in V-6 tech who may have some ideas for ya'. Search around in tech here, if you have not. You'll find a wealth of information.

    Welcome to Stangnet BTW. :)

    My humble opinion would be to save just a wee bit more ($100 more) and get an SCT-X-cal with tune. It is the backbone of these modulated vehicles and is a awesome starting point for the $.

    Most fellas have had great performance (and seat of the pants) gains from Doug's tunes. Check out Bamachips link here.
  8. +1 on the GT muffler, you can get one for 70 bucks. Jenn is right too, its really worth saving up for a CAI/tune. It really wakes up the car. I've seen guys with CAI/Tune and single bolt on muffler running 14's in their cars consistently.

    Bamachips race tune is awesome. Also, is your car the stock V6 or the Pony Package one? Later down the road, you may want to consider some take off bullits w/pnero's.

    Tell us more about your ride, and your long term plans.
  9. just put on a gt muffler, 45 minutes and sounds great found both sides on ebay for $30.

  10. well its a stock 5speed 06 mustang. it doent have a pony package, i just want to be able to keep up wit my friends 1.8T GLI

  11. if i buy a GT muffler, can i take the stock muffler off and bolt it directly on?
  12. how much Horse Power will i gain if i switch to a GT muffler, and what will it do to the sound?
  13. gt muffler is direct bolt on 45 minutes if you take you time jack car up in that side to give yourself more room to reach bolts one right above muffler is a little tough but can be done with no problem
  14. Those run high 15's I believe. What year is it.

    Your car, with a muffler, cai and tune should run high 14's easy. with a lsd, gears, lower control arms you should hit mid 14's all day long.
  15. 7HP I think, and it sounds a lot better than stock, no drone, louder and deeper but not overly loud.
  16. Most 1.8Ts run similar they have been the Audi/VW staple engine for year, until the 2.0T upgrade. I believe detuned the 1.8T can run low 15s.

    So long as your buddy isn't running a Garrett 3076 TT set-up you should have him easy. If he is, ummmmm you'll need to look into modifying the 4.0L with what Rygen is running. :hail2: :D
  17. 06 w/o a pony package I would add a GT muffler and a rear sway bar that should be around a $300 range with the later mods being a tune/CAI and an LSD.
  19. I didn't know they run low 15's, damn. I just did a search on them and there are a bunch of them in the 11's, and a found a few in the low 11's. Crap. LOL.
  20. :D :lol: Yes. They can be mean little beasts. Still a wee-bit heavy for their own good, but with some decent weight reduction, good tune and a TT set-up, they can perform awesome. The stock block & internals are capable of handling fairly aggressive boost levels: a tad bit of a stock advantage with a 5-V engine.

    I'd pimp a 2.0L 2007 GTI for a DD with no shame. :rlaugh: Working with/on the '99 Audi is helping me feel a little more comfortable with their CRAZY technology and mechanics.


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