New 4v DOHC engine. Need help putting it in! Please help


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Jul 31, 2007
Hey guys, i know everyone is always asking "should" i put in a 4v dohc engine in a 98 gt. Well i am going to put it in. Honestly, i found one for about $1500 which i think is a very good deal. I bought my Gt with a 8 point roll cage, bitching paint job, newly rebuilt rear end, anti roll bars, strut tower braces, subframe connectors, and BASICALLY everything is stock except minor bolt on's. Hence, why i don't want to just buy a cobra or a newer gt. This car already has too much money put into it ( i bought it for 3900). With this $1500 running cobra engine out of a 98 cobra i will be able to enhance the HP more than i would have with a SOHC, right?

I've been reading and asking everywhere (and i work for FORD), about the engine swap and what i will need, and no one can give me a complete answer. What I've put together out of everyone is that i will be able to drop in the motor problem free and just have to do some splicing on the harness. My Computer (ECU) and harness is fine stock for the DOHC.

About my gearhead experience. I love working on cars. I have self taught myself how to install bolt ons, do brakes, oil changes, take off/ put on heads, rebuilt carburetors and simple things like that. I'm hoping that as long as i remember where everything i take off goes, i will be able to put everything back together with the new motor. After i put the motor in i will have it towed to a mechanic (family member) and have him do the splicing. ( i hate wiring)

Is my concept overall on the right track? please everyone give me as much feedback as possible but please be ready to answer my question: "Why?"
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Jan 21, 2007
Hey man tell me how that swap goes please im really interested in doing that swap myself with my 04 GT i love the car... but its power is dissapointing, I used to have a mark 8 that would probably roast my GT. I was thinking of doing the Swap with a wrecked Mark VIII or Cobra and its hard to find info on it.
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