New 95 Vert

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  1. Just picked up a 95 GT Vert in Deep Forest Green. I have never actually seen it in person since I am over seas. It looks to be very well cared for and clean. I have wanted this car since it was new model when I was in college. Now to figure out what to do to personalize. I hate the wheels but that is easy. I think subframes, light bar, strut tower and vortec S3 (Colorado thin air sucks the life from NA motors).

    My wife (soon to be ex I guess) says it drives great for a car of that age. What do you think for a $5k car?


  2. Looks great! My first car was a deep forest green GT coupe. I really liked that color.
  3. That color is awesome. The wheels are hideous though.

  4. Yea, wheels are gone, AM has good prices on black chrome Saleen wheels, going to probably pick up a set when I am back in the states.
  5. love this color. I have one just like it but replaced the top and put a black one, sitting on black staggered bullits. i want to lower it a bit, get the light bar, mach1 lip and respray it the same color. but sooo much you can do to these