new cobra driver!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by ironmedic, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. hi guys, im new to the 4.6 and cobra community so i thought i say hi! i have a 96 Cobra all stock from interior to exterior and all parts. the car has only 37k miles on it too! the interior is immaculate cuz the previous owner kept it garaged for over 2 years. i settled for the car at 13.5K.
    i really love these cobras! they are awesome! i used to own a 5.0 but the cobra feel is way different.

    just curious, what is your favorite exhaust for a cobra? i am unsure what would sound great on a cobra (i checked on already). just want opinions :)
  2. Some family friends of mine own a muffler shop that features Ravin mufflers and I had them put two on mine in place of the stock ones and no tail pipes and the sound is amazing. I always get compliments for it.

    Oh, and welcome to the dark side. :cheers:
  3. I like the sound of my VRS X-pipe with the american thunder cat back. Its very loud and just plain sounds sick under WOT
  4. I have a BBK catted H, and Flowmaster American Thunder cat back that sounds awesome, but they sound even better with no cats.
  5. awesome, i was curious what u guys think of that SLP loudmouth kit? sounds loud and raunchy but i love the sound of the american thunder
  6. bassani x pipe with cats with the american thunder sounds ridiculous! but if u go off road , then the flows make it sound raspy and not as good.
  7. IronMedic - congrats w/the Cobra & welcome!

    I'm running the Borla Stingers and lovin' every minute of it. :nice:
  8. got a clip of the stingers in action?

    i am looking into a totally different muffler and getting some info. a local shop here sells IMCO performance mufflers and they sound pretty nice on trucks on their website. they said they put some on a stang and it made a great rumble. im gonna do some digging on it and see what i come up with.
  9. Congrats on the purchase .... if haven't already, try this site.
  10. yup been there and done that ;)

    i hope to keep this cobra for a long time! the only way ill give it up is if i get an 03 Cobra instead!
  11. IronMedic - I sure do! It's 'bout 5MB or so. Video was first day after purchasing the camcorder. Shoot me your email address and I'll send it to you.