new from the midwest

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  1. i am from Kansas city, Missouri and a full time student for what fells like the rest of my life.

    i drive a dodge dakota r/t as my daily for now. i have a 2.2l kenne bell kit that i have been waiting to rebuild the motor to install it. i also have a 1997 cobra that i am in the process of swapping that is why the kenne bell is sitting on my futon. the swap is a 1997 mark 8 motor w/ 01 cobra cams and the intake manifold, TB, and injectors off my 97 cobra. motor has under 30k on it and i got it for $500. the original motor spun a bearing and broke a rod when the previous owner had it. i plan to build the old motor with 11:1 and cams once i have the money to, but that is way down the road.

    -Michael :cookie:
  2. Welcome. I'm over the state line in Shawnee, KS.... sounds like quite the project you got planned there. should be cool when done though.