Fuel New injectors and a tune question

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  1. Hello everyone,

    With all the mods coming for my 98 Gt over the next month I figured it was time to upgrade the fuel injectors. I was looking at the 24lb Venom HP injectors. It says that the new injectors will require a tune. My question is what kind of tune? I have a Diablo Sports Predator tuner and the 93 octane tune on my GT. Will I need to take my car to shop so they can actually get in and mess with all the variables or is my current tune sufficient?

  2. Stay away from Venom! I've heard quite a few bad stories about them! Not worth running a cylinder lean. I run Siemens Deka's, or I would say stick with FRPP injectors
  3. Ok I'll look into a different brand. Thank you.
  4. Do you plan on dyno tuning your car or getting pre-made tune for the injectors? My tuner told me go a little bigger on the injector in case you decide further down the line to do even more...I would talk to a reputable tuner familiar with fords and see what advice they give you about injector size...and make sure whatever you choose has the correct plug configuration
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