SN95 New Intake Manifold.

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  1. Ok so I'm about to order a new intake manifold. I'm thinking about the tfs track heat. My question is would it be a bad idea to install it now? My engine has 160k miles. I'm also wondering am I going to feel a difference In power? And is it going to mess anything up since I'm still running a bone stock motor other then a cai. Bad idea or is it ok?
    Also should I just wait untill I atleast have heads? Or should I do the jeads first? I'm gonna get the compression tested next week to see how she's holdig up.
    Thanks in advance guys....
  2. It won't mess anything up you just wont be able to rev high enough to where the track heat "shines." You might lose a lil low end torque but I doubt enough to make you miserable. I'm sure you know this but dont forget the elbow adapter.
  3. Its a solid 20hp. That just shows how bad the stock unit is. The only way your gonna lose power/tq is with a heavily ported single plane with a 90mm elbow and tb, and even then you will still make more peak hp.
  4. You really think 20 hp?? Eh I dunno..... 20 as advertised maybe, I'd put my $ on like a generous 10
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  5. I kinda don't think its worth it if I'm gonna lose low end. Ill just wait untill I can order the heads at the same time. I'm not sure wich heads I should go with I def want trick flows. But I don't know if I should go with the 185s. Its my dd I want as much power as I can get out of the top end. Would going higher then 185 be a bad idea for a dd. The set up I want is track heat manifold with 185or higher heads and prob a stage 2 tfs cam. Maybe upgrade fuel injectors maf and tb. And an upgraded ignition set up. Peob gonna go with msd because I like the red wires and cap lol. I'm ordering my headers and x pipe this weekend.
    Do u guys think ill brwak the 300rwhp with this setup? I want to be somewhere around 325rwhp. What would I have to do to get there is it even possible with just a top end kit while stayinf dd worthy?
  6. 280-305 rwhp w tfs topend kit. This is just an educated guess based on what I've read others reported to have making. And bout the intake: I don't think you'd lose as much low end to not get the wheels rolling, doubt it'd be anything that dramatic on either end loss or gain. I doubt youd get beat by anyone who u can beat now and vise versa
  7. If you don't want to do the intake twice I understand but the intake will not hurt you on the street. It will help total/avg power across the rpm band. When I converted to mas I added a typhoon intake and an e303 cam(which I don't like) and cleaned up the heads a little. Major difference in the mid range/top end. Over a 1/2 sec quicker in 1/4 so def an improvement. IMO it is worth it if you don't mind doing it twice. As far as he tfs topend kit most make close to 300 but few are really over that. If you are rebuilding the shortblock go with a stroker kit. It's only a few hundred more for an entry level kit and will make a lot more torque and hp
  8. I've looked into stroker builds. There a lot more expensive. But then again that was with labor and now I think I'm going to team up with my buddy who knows a lot and has a lift and all the tools. So labor is out now. I ccan get a 347 stroker short block from rick at rnh for around 2250 $ to 2500 $. So the diference is about a grand.
    I still might go with the stroker. I'm just worrued about the build up from the short block. If I'm not mistaken the build up from the short block would be exactly the same asa reg rebuild would be right? Same parts and whatnot?
    If I can get the stroker build for around 4-5grand not including labor cuz I would be building myself I might go that route. I was told with the 347 and the set up I mentioned earlier I would be around 360 rwhp.
    I just don't like the way a stroker sounds. The lope sounds crazy. Is that because its a stroker or is it the cam selection?
    If I go stroker would afr 205 or trickflow 205s heads be too much for the street?. I know I've asked all this before but I'm getting closer to starting the build and I'm trying to get my plan together. I'm looking forward to a build thread! Gonna be staring the project very soon. For now I have to get the engine I have now running better. I'm hoping a tune up will clear a lot od the probs I'm having now. Now that its getting colder the car has a really nasty idle in the morning and she doesn't want to move untill its warmed up.
  9. If you plan on swapping heads in the near future, wait. No sense in doing the same job twice and spending the money twice on gaskets,i coolant, etc. If not, swapping out the intake won't hurt but you will want at least add a larger 65mm throttle body. Simply adding the intake will do little for you on its own.

    To get to 325-350 hp, I would get a set of TW 170's, a track or street heat intake, 7omm TB, 30lb injectors, a cam from Ed Curtis, good set of headers, H pipe and a tune.
  10. So mike your saying I can those numbers with a stock bottom end? I would rather go with a stock bottom end because I feel it would be more reliable as a DD. I could be wrong. I hear a lot of good things about twisted wedge heads? But woulnt I need to bigger thern 170 to reach those hp numbers?
  11. Nah. to get to 325 hp you can simply buy this. TW claims about 350 hp from their top end kit.

    That should net you around around 275-300 rwhp and that is a not that aggressive a cam- TFS1. It is a tried and true kit that has everything you need. I'd swap in a good cam from Ed and sell the TFS1 cam if you really want to rock . Of course you will need to accompany this with larger injectors, MAF, headers, fuel pump, and a tune.
  12. Except you're going to still have 160k miles still on your shortblock and trying to make 300+rwhp in a dd. Not saying you can't do it. It's not what I'd do.
  13. The "stroker" kit has nothing to do with lope/idle. That's the cam. As far as running 205cc heads on a 302-347 dd yes you can. Look up NikWoac engine build on here. They are overkill in a way for what you've been talking about doing but you can do it. Cam selection is pretty important. I think you should run smaller cc heads like the 170s in the topend kit tfs sells if you don't plan on making killer power. The 170s can support over 400 hp
  14. Thought It was just the cam selection for the lope on a stroker. About the heads that's all Ineeded to hear if I can still make good power on the 170s then I'm gonna go with them. I'm not building a race car so I ddon't need anything crazy. I prob won't even see 400 hp. I've said before I would be happy with anything over 325rwhp. Thanks for the advice guys.
  15. man I hate to say it but you are all over the place with your build/goals. why the need for 325hp? You've gone the full gammit from a 351 swap to is my bottom end ok. An OTC trick flow kit has been suggested to you several times. If you want to breathe new life into your engine its the best bang for the buck. Hell, I honestly think an exploder swap with a custom cam will make you smile after you drive it. I get it. Sn95 cars are a tad on the sluggish side out of the box but you want a refreshed engine in your daily. You have a built suspension already so bite the bullet on an out of the box kit from Edelbrock or Trickflow. If you are saving pennies an explorer top end with a custom cam and roller rockers is more cost effective and will really wake that 302 up.
  16. Yeah I know I'm all over the place. To be honest idk why I want 325 hp I just do. I was just curious about a 351 never actually planned to do it. I'm def goimg with the tfs kit I'm alrwady 3/4 of the way there savimg money. I kust want to wait untill I have all the money. I've wvwn thought about gwtting a dif mustang. But ultimately I'm prob gonna k eep.this one. I'm just to excited too many combe flyimg through my head. Sorry man lol. I know I prob annoy you guys I'm just trying to learn as much as I can beforw I make my mind up. I don't want to dump rhis kind of money in this car and not be happy with it.
  17. LSX swap it!!
  18. 350 at the crank! If you want a true 350whp your gonna need better/bigger parts. 350rwhp can be done easily on a stock shortblock. You just have to have the nuts to rev it past 6500.
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  19. Easily is funds relative