new look for my mustang

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  1. Not to flame, but the dual exhaust and the GT rear bumper along with the GT fog lites/grill will go way farther in making people think the car is a GT. You will be called a poser for what you have already done.

    If it matters to you and you don't want to be labeled a "poser", you should put some 4.0 badges or something that says it's a V6.

    Car looks great by the way.
  2. Not 100% sure tjm73, but i believe that is a v6 bumper and its just cut, i dont see the little lip thing that the GT has. Lots of people have fogs, its just a good look. I dont think its a poser just because he added dual exhaust on foglights. If he would have done the bumper and the side skirts too, and some GT wheels, thatd be too close to call, and emblems would be a no brainer poser. I think his car looks great, i wish i had fogs on my car.
  3. I'm not detracting from his car, it looks good. Just looks like a GT at a glace due to the duals and fog lights. Many people will claim poser due to those two items. That's all I was saying.
  4. i don't have a gt rear bumper, it's the v6 oem bumper on it. i just cut it (still a clean job)

    and don't want to put any badges on it, i like it like that :D
  5. BAH. You just told me Im a GT poser because I put any kind of appearance or performance upgrade on my car that happens to resemble a GT.

    Maybe all these ricers with dual exhaust are posing muscle cars too.
  6. what's wrong with a dual exhaust and fog lights??

    anybody will tell that single muffler on a stang is gay

    i hate my car with just one exhaust
  7. No offense Tim, but I would tell those people to go jack-off in the corner... Most people who would claim this are idiots, and are a waste of our time.. So there is really no need to discuss it further.. His car looks damn good.. I would say, "we're sorry if you think it looks better than a GT".. But no need to call it a poser cause its bad ass! :nice:
  8. I hate your car to with just one exhaust.. It is gay! So keep the dual exhaust! :D

    And foglights! I'll be getting mine soon, and then we can both be posers! Poser's which smoke stock 300HP GT's.. LOL!! Poser my azz!
  9. They sure are.



    Seriously though, i have a chance to buy the GT grille (stock off a GT) in new condition for about $40 with lights/fogs but no wires. I'm gonna buy it regardless but i'm still not sure if i want it on my car.. i'm thinking i'll probably put it on to see if i like it.

    Either way as MSP said, its my car.. i'll decide what goes on it and what doesn't.. i have outgrown that stage in life where you feel the need to measure... *cough* grille sizes. ;) I'll do what i want, when i want with my car. If i feel the need for a GT, then i'll go buy another one day.. for now.. this is all the Stang i need.. and i'm lov'n every minute of it. :)

    Well put MSP. :)
  11. Hear, hear! :flag:

  12. LOL!! Thanks Crag! :p
  13. Oh and Crag, ill buy it off ya for $70 if ya dont want it haha.
  14. Well, he's still got to order his body kit so i'm assuming it will be awhile. Either way, i'm still undecided. I like the clean look of the front end i have now.. but i think the fog lights (since they match the headlights) might look good. I honestly haven't payed much attention to it till i saw all you guys doing it in these forums. LOL..

    Either way, i'll keep you posted. :)
  15. You guys need to chill a little. You just missed what I was saying totally. I'm not her to start an arguement. I like his car, it looks good. But it looks like a GT, no matter if it has GT badges or not.

    If it looks like a GT and it's a V6, some guys will say he's posing. I don't prescribe to that line of thought personally.

    Argue all you want it's a fact. That's all I'm sayign about this anymore. I'm out..........
  16. Peace!
  17. ok just remember, i was the first to offer haha.

    and tjm, not missin the reason for your post, yes people will think he is posing, and guess what,t hey will be wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  18. Who cares! I love the look of the GT, but I wasn't going to get torn up on insurance for it. So I did it myself, and when I'm done, I'll have a car that everyone will underestimate performance wise, til they stare at my 3.5inch tail pipes.

    Gotta love it!