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  1. I'm with you Frankie.... just waiting for the right moment. *rubs hands together*
  2. i just dropped a duce, in the toilet :shrug: :nonono:
  3. <--- is leaving for the rest of day, no need for that daggar carry on...
  4. What the fun in that???
  5. :banana:
  6. somone else get the banstick bancakes, and not me... thats all the fun i can handle for one day... i can only handle one threat a day... im outski.. have a good one !
  7. Where am I?
  8. A claymore would be more effective. And a Hornet, just in case someone made a getaway in a car. :D
  9. You mighta showered but you're still stinkin up the place. Try This![​IMG]
  10. you cant just show a picture, theres gotta be a line to it.. so it might have the chance to replace the bancakes.

  11. Ok, I have no problem owning a Capri. They're just as cool as Stangs in my book.

    My problem is.....


    it's spelled C A P R I.

    Where do you get the M from? :shrug:

    You're lack of spelling ability just finally made me snap.

  12. Not everyone needs things spelled out for them in kiddie language. :D

  13. fixxored
  14. I hope, he doesnt talk like he types. :D
  15. ROFL...:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  16. Right? M isn't even remotely close to any of the letters in Capri.
  17. wow i'm really board, i read most of this thread.

    anyway. welcome and don't listen to me cause i can't keep a car running

    where in canada btw? (didn't see it posted)
  18. i'm in woodstock, New Brunswick
  19. Mr.Bubbles can i put you in my tub so we can take a bath together?
  20. Thats wrong on all levels. Atleast make sure he puts on a wig :D