New member in Florida. I have 2004GT and 2005coupe. 2005 has an electrical problem that Ford can't find.


New Member
Nov 16, 2020
2005 has 4.0L and 5 speed. Added Flow-Master daul exhust and KN cold air intake otherwise stock. When it sets for 48 hours, sometimes less, it will completely drain a new fully charged battery. Ford said they tested everything and found nothing? But the problem continues. This is not a daily driver. About 18 months ago I learned about the water leak problem on passenger side; so I clean the "duck bill" under the cowl regularly. Ford said the interior fuse box on passenger side appears to be dry. When issue first started radio would come on when key was turned off. Then the door locks started locking and unlocking when car was parked. Any ideas as to where to look or test?
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