new paint and new to the forum

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  1. I'm new to the forums and wanted to say hello.. i just finished painting my 89 coupe and wanted to share some pic..







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  2. Sweet it! Welcome!
  3. Nice shade of blue. You did a great job man. Are those 18" wheels? Did you paint it yourself? I really like the headlights. :nice:
  4. yeah me and my brother painted it im really happy with how it came out.. the rims are 18's i have a set of welds for the track..
  5. You dont happen to have the paint code for that do you? I have some off topic projects I'm working on, and that color would be perfect. Again, you did a great job.
  6. yeah its #2917 Cobalt Blue Firemist.. thanks for the compliments...we are going to cut and buff it next week..
  7. The car came out beautiful, nice work!
  8. I got to the 4th picture and thought it looked great flat black, but then I saw the blue:drool:...Great job on the car, and welcome to the forums*
  9. Looks Great..almost the Blue on Kobalt tool chest. :)
    Good Job bro! :nice::nice:
  10. Love the color.....and the flat black looked good too.;)
  11. Welcome and the car looks great! Very cool shade of blue
  12. That looks really nice man. Where did you guys paint it, just in a garage or what?
  13. Gorgeous car man! Welcome aboard!
  14. Thanks :flag: yeah we did it in the garage.. im trying to get it out to the track soon to see if the new paint made it any faster lol jk...
  15. car came out awesome!

    im diggin those wheels in 18's on your notch.
  16. Nice! What's under the hood?
  17. im with stupid ^

    the flat black looked super good also and the quality of that paint looks great. you guys sprayed it yourselves? how many other cars have you painted before? looks like top notch work.

    keep it up. keep posting updates, you can make this kindof a build thread
  18. we painted two other cars.. were starting on my bro's 68 mustang next month.. my coupe has a stock bottom end with H/C/I with some nitrous.. ran a best of 12.5 on motor and 11.4 with a 125 shot i just don't want to put a cage in yet ..

    here is a pic of the cougar we did..
  19. I like the color, it looks good! :nice: welcome
  20. Very nice looking paint! Post up pics of the interior and engine too. Welcome to Stangnet man.