new paint and new to the forum

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  1. yeah i second that notion. more pics.

    please stick around and post. welcome :SNSign:
  2. nice color on that stang.....real nice paint job.....:nice:
  3. Yeah dude me and my fiance did the same thing... kind of the color of my car maybe something i would like to change it to in the future.
  4. looks very nice! :nice:
  5. i will take some pic of the inside soon and thanks again :flag:

  6. lol.. that was before cutting and buffing... here are the 2 other cars that have been done..


    this is our next car, then were done for a while.. NEWPAINT-1.jpg
  7. man nice work!!! Ive been kicking around the idea of doing my own paint. Now I understand its all in the prepwork correct. But what kind of guns are you guys using exactly?? Id like to look into what kind of guns I need to buy to get something that will look good for a daily driver. IM not looking for a show quality finish, just something that will look good, and wont hurt when the jerks or rocks chip it.
  8. this is the place where i buy all my stuff from...

    heres the guns.. nothing special: TCPglobal Brand Spray Guns

    i've painted 3 cars now with this set of guns, only thing ive noticed is to remove the little plastic filter in the top of the gun when ur painting clear & metallics, seems to clogg up..
  9. 247404_215869965111940_100000668130096_719412_1066034_n.jpg

    started to cut and buff it looks good for a $400 paint job :flag:
  10. What's with the 65 in the picture? Looks like a photochop,unless that's just a pic of what you're planning to do. The coupe looks great, loved the flat black also. Welcome to the boards
  11. *68 my bad. On a mobile phone here
  12. thats the plans for the 68... right now its white with red stripes..

  13. That's some really nice work being turned out of a home garage. And damn, you guys have a lot of toys!
  14. hell yeah, four wheelers, cars, challengers, all kinds of fun things. keep up the great work. get some interior and motor pictures
  15. Hey man, I love the color and I chose that cobalt blue a long time ago as soon as it saw it. But im new to painting and have just come to the step in my fox's resto of paint. What kind of primer did you lay down and what grit did you sand the primer with before the paint? Also did you spray the primer on top of pic #2 as it was in the pic? Thanks man.
  16. Go to autobody101 dot com for a wealth of info for body work, sanding, priming, painting, techniques and paint gun info!! That kind of information your requesting is a whole lot of typing and a ton of info to put into it.

    Good luck

    p.s. this thread has been dormant for 2.5 years
  17. I love the paint on that notch. And some one please guide me as to where I can find 18" cobra r reps.
  18. Looks killer, love the blue color! Welcome to stangnet!!