New Paxton Novi 2500, 2000 CFM

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by JeffGreen, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. New Paxton Novi 2500 rated at 2000 CFM is a direct replacement for anyone that already is running a Novi 2000 which is only rated at 1400 CFM. The Novi 2500 has an RPM limit of 60,000 and 30 PSI of boost.

    Upgrade you Paxton Novi 2000 with this 2500 as its the same case as you're using now. It looks the same as the 2000 and no one would ever know why you car is faster unless they read the tag on the side of the case that says 2500. Only have this one new uint left. $1800 which will save you almost $1200 if you buy one from Paxton.
  2. is this just the supercharger or is it a complete kit??
  3. It is just the Supercharger. You can check their wed site as these are 3K for just the unit. The 2500 is able to make 1300HP on your engine so thats why its not cheap. Just by changing pulleys you can adjust how much power you make so if you're not ready for 1300HP you can kick it down to what you want.

    The best part is you only buy it one time instead of buying a smaller unit and then needing to buy a larger unit when you need more power.

    It's a huge bargin for the right person!!
  4. Still looking for home for this unit.
  5. still have the NOVI 2500 head unit?
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