New pics with Roush bumper.

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  1. Your stang looks tight. lovin that Cobra R hood
  2. I spent too much time posting those pics to let this topic die!!! lol...bump..
  3. that bright yellow rice is a converted acura i believe
  4. All I have to say about those cars is, WHY!!!

    And also whats up with the mesh on the white one?
  5. that was my car! the white one at least...from far away the car looks good i promise a monet...but i never got any far away picks..:(...the mesh was to cover up the missing piece where the headlights normally lean against...
  6. Was that bumper even made for that car?
  7. I'm lovin the whole set up. I noticed the clear turn signals. That looks 100 times better on a silver mustang. I may have to do that to my silver stang. Did you take apart the head lights that came with the car and take the yellow reflectors off or did you buy a new set of head lights with the clear corners ? Looks awsome, AWSOME. Nice taste.
  8. i got headlights like that off EBAY!
  9. NOPE!
  10. I got mine from Ebay to. They were about $220 shipped.
  11. Headlights like what?
  12. Please tell me you fixed that fugly sheeot.

  13. best looking body parts are

    roush front/rear bumper
    03 cobra front/rear bumper

    great looks man. glad you aint flauntin it as a real roush.
  14. ok im gonna cry now...

    but its ok as i work at Roush in Long Beach, CA.... im gald i dont get to see these kinds of stangs at work...

    i really wish i got to drive that '05 Ford GT40
    woooo i get to sit my @$$ in a 2005 Chysler 300C/Dodge Magnum all day....