"New" Pictures...nothing special

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  1. Just found these on Edmunds.com. I hadn't seen them, but if they're not new, I'll just delete the message, so let me know.

  2. No appologies for the pics... even if they are old, I haven't seen them. I'm sure other people haven't seen them. So, thanks for sharing!
  3. I Have seen them don't know if they were on here or brads or the 2005 site
  4. :nice: I havn't seen the silver ones...awesome looking.
  5. I haven't seen them either, even if they are old I never mind looking at pics of the new stang :drool:
  6. awesome pics! :nice:
  7. personally i dont like the way the v6 looks, it looks too plain on the front end. the wheels are too small and too much tire sidewall..but thats another story
  8. true but its seems to be a vast improvement over previous V6s. But anyway i havent seen these pics. Gotta love that GT! :nice:
  9. Looks like someone finally caught a Mineral Grey GT. First time I've seen one that wasn't a chop:

  10. hmmm :drool: I really have no idea which colour I want to get anymore :D
  11. still looks like a 4x4 so steeda will stay in business lol
  12. Now that's a good "real world" picture! Where'd you find that? Any more?

  13. Looks like it needs to be about an inch lower. And sonic blue. =)
  14. I agree about the height. I plan on calling Ford tommorrow and giving my opinion.

    1-800-392-FORD (3673)
    1-800-833-0312 (TDD for the hearing impaired)

    Hours (Eastern Standard Time):
    8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday-Friday
    9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Saturday

    I hope everyone else does the same.

  15. It was posted over on TheMustangSource, as usual. Check in the Timeline, new pictures show up there periodically. Also the Forums.

    Did you call about the current Mustang as well? This is par for the course, we have always made springs one of the first modifications for a Stang. Ford has to please more than just the enthusiasts, so I can't say as I blame them for giving it a cushy ride. Easily corrected, and ****ing to Ford won't help.

  16. speaking of 4x4 why is ford the only company that puts a lift kit on their cars? My friends eclipse is as low as my 98 that is droped 2 inches and his is bone stock.
  17. A lot of it has to do with how high the seat is. Roads are designed assuming that you sit 3.5' off the ground. Lowering that even a few inches can decrease the sight distance required on roads, around corners, and can change where you see road signs. Not a big deal most of the time, but if your coming over a hill and theres a stop sign right after it, you may not see it in time. As to why other manufactorers lower there cars, their seats may sit higher allowing them to lower the car a few inches. Seat design is probably the difference between other cars.
  18. Ride quality? The Lincoln LS has less wheel well gap, it's mind boggling why Ford after getting a whole new chassis and suspension can't make the car look right. Every other car I see on the road has very little gap between the top of the tire and the fender, heck, most other Fords are better in this regard. Why does the Mustang need 4x4 ride height for ride quality when not even luxury cars do? There's simply no excuse.

    It's bad enough they put those awful minivan tires on it, why the hell would they downgrade from the 94-04 tire size? Don't they know using these high profile skinny all season tires will hamper it's handling, braking, and off the line acceleration? Which no doubt, all the magazines will fault it for.. :nonono: :nonono:
  19. You are so right man! I thought the 05s would have these issues addressed. The tires arent going to be wide enough and the car is still going to sit too high. All the development cars look decent with the lower stance. Now that I have seen that Mineral Grey one, I am now thinking the new 05s will still have that 4x4 look. It amazes me how these two simple issues cant be changed. I guess thats why there is an aftermarket.
  20. not ride quality, ride height. And there may be certain restrictions for mass produced cars that are scheduled for say 100,000 units or more. That may be where theres some variation. I dont know any of this for a fact, its purely speculation, but what i do know is that auto makers are supposed to meet the required 3.5' from road to eye height. Im sure theres some variation but this is the standard that roads are designed with.