"New" Pictures...nothing special

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  1. In my opinion, you can't tell much about the actual production cars from pictures of pre-production test mules. I think we ought to wait until we can see the production cars before passing judgement on the ride height.
  2. Our cars actually sit kinda low. It's the wheel well gap that makes them look like 4x4's. I can just barely get a floor jack under my differential and my springs are stock.
    As for the 3.5' eye level that was mentioned, maybe that's why the seats are so high inside the car. That's the most annoying aspect of the car to me.
    Yes, I called Ford right after I bought my '03 and complained about the gap and the seat height, but obviously, if they're doing it again, my call was pointless. That's why EVERYONE who has these same complints should call.