New Plenum test on the way!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03trubluGT, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to get an appoinment to re-test the 4 main contenders in the Plenum war.

    I hope to conduct the test this Thursday, and the results will be posted in an article written by KenB on Modular Depot.

    Test will be conducted on:

    Accufab with Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
    C&L with Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
    Dragon with Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
    Trick Flow with Accufab 75mm Throttle Body

    here is the link on how the test will be conducted:

  2. for some reason, I registered on that site but I can never post! I was going to wait for the test results, but I just purchased the c&l and am going with that. I like the look of it and the price was right as well.
  3. Email Ken at and see what the issue is. My bet is that he can get it fixed for you.

  4. :nice:
    Sweet, we can finally find out which is best with 75mm and if 75mm is actually worth it :D

  5. i'll be really disappointed if the c & l/accufab combo doesn't perform very well. :(
  6. true
  7. That's great that you are testing all those plenums, because I was planning on buying the C & L plenum with 75 MM BBK throttle body and BBK CAI. Would like to see who is the king of plenums.
  8. Wish I could make it there as well... we'll see..
  9. I had an appt. for Thursday at 9am, but I changed it to 12:30 pm due to driving from Mansfield to Lewisville through Dallas :notnice: during rush hour.

    So, the roads should be clearer and even though the temps will be higher, it will be easier on me.

  10. Are you serious?? That means I can make it there! Whoopie! :banana:

    See you there around 1:00 pm pops :spot:
  11. Many thanks for doing this Matt!!!
  12. Just read the Modular Depot thread - sounds like you have all of the bases covered - there should be no questions after this test. Thanks again - I can't wait to see the results.
  13. looking forward to seeing the results.
  14. Steeda has a plenum coming out also
  15. :bang:

    Oh GOD, make it stop....

    I SWEAR that I'm not going to add another contestant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys will have to pick up the ball, because I AM NOT TESTING the Steeda :doh:

    I'm gonna put 18 more pulls on my car this week and after that, I'm done with the TB/Plenums....... :spot:

  16. I am contemplating my next mod to dyno.

    I'm leaning to the Granatelli MAF, but the jury is still out.

  17. what about a MAF test?
    C & L

    if you get them for free of course.
  18. :rlaugh: I tried to get hubby to let me buy the different plenums and test them out with a 75mm t/b. I told him we could keep the best one and sell the others on Ebay. He thought I was joking and when he realized I wasn't he said NO. :(