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  1. So go with what '66 coupe said then. Sounds like the best option to me. :shrug:

    Say no to underglow though. :puke:
  2. I can understand what you are saying about the tradeoff not being worth it. Simply said, we have differing opinions. Thats easily solved.

    I dont "aspire" to only own a v-6, as that is just my dd. My gt has roughly 500 hp at the crank and my nine inch tires are very inadequate to say the least. That being said, I think a nine inch tire would be adequate for most power levels you can obtain in a sixer.

    As for the comment for me sounding like a tool for driving my fathers car??? We are very close and have built my GT together, as a father and son project. There is nothing "toolish" about enjoying our vehicles together. I need not keep my experiences to myself as I find nothing strange about getting on it in a car designed for it...:shrug:

    I dont consider my actions stupid as you were the one making assumptions it wasnt at the track...:nonono:

    Stang315, I apologize for the thread hijack. My intent was to offer my experiences and have my opinion differ from the rest. Not simply for the sake of argument, just to share a different experience. I would suggest maybe meeting in the middle and getting a nine inch tire. There is some merit to what '66 coupe is saying about the benefits not outweighing the cool looks. All in all, its always what you want. I say enjoy it no matter what:nice:
  3. ok yea i may go with 9s or sumthing like that i mean that would still look really good with the rims i want. and eveybody understang im not trying to be an ass about what i said about the fighting i was just saying what i felt sorry if i offended any. and just to ask what is the deal about the underglow its legal where i live, so i was just wondering.
  4. Most just think of it as a ricer mod. My old roommate put them on his '99 GT; the best thing is it has an off switch. :p It's not my thing, but it doesn't look as bad if the rest of the car looks stock, imo. Now if the car has a body kit, and ridiculous looking wheels, that's another thing...
    I've seen like old GTO's and other classic cars with them at cruise nights.
    If that's your thing, it's definately a way to make your car stand out at cruise nights, but I wouldn't suggest driving with them on all the time.
  5. well with the paint job im getin during the summer i think it will probly look nice but if it dont then oh well it can be taken off lol
  6. I got these (Foose Nitrous)
    20x10 in rear 20x9 in front with a set of Nittos with not even 1000 miles on them.

  7. dam are those for sell?
  8. :leaving: *sits twidling thumbs and whistling while looking at ceiling*
  9. YES they are

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  11. Do it if you want. Everyone else with a V8 runs the wider wheels in the back. Who gives a rats ass what anyone things if oyu put 10.5's in the back of your car

  12. dude just to let u know u are a dick, it would never effect u what i got done to my car if i put a big ass farter on the back then oo well its nothing too u, i asked a simple question and u had to be an ass about it soo :chair: yea ur a dick.
  13. Stang315, here's some useful information for you. I currently have 18x9's on my car, they are about twice the weight of the 15's that came on it. Anyone who says they follow all the grooves in the road are dead on, on a couple of roads in my area where the semi's have put significant grooves in the road, the car can steer itself around a corner. It's not a terrible thing, but very noticeable and sometimes annoying. I am looking to buy new tires for the set for the first time, and it's going to be 700-900 for the type of tire I want in the 18" size. I am honestly debating buying an entire new set of 17's with tires for only about 100-200 more than the cost of just replacing my tires now, and then selling my 18's. I definately like the look of 18's better, but tires are very costly compared to the 17's counterparts. If you are going for looks, get 18's, going for real performance in the future, go with the 17's. I've never done major performance mods, and don't plan it as I will be getting a V8 in the future so I chose 18's 4 years ago.
  14. I couldn't help but laugh as I read this sorry but it is kinda funny. I must say I own a V6 Mustang and to say they can't be fast is false. The more mods I make the faster it gets. As for my tire situation. I have the stock 16 inch wheels and they had the 55's on it now they have 50's and for me it was enough. See I also added frame stiffeners and strut tower braces and man can it handle. Now when I put on the pro charger with 11 psi boost we will see if that remains true but for now all is great. I do plan on nicer rims down the road but as I said nicer so yes it will be for looks. Hope I did affend anyone but I couldn't help but add my 2 cents worth. By the way isn't building your ride what you want? As for me I build to be different and my own so it fits me and my style.

  15. thank you. you are one of the only poeple on this site that realizes just because you dont have a v8 dont mean that you cant mod.
  16. We need more mods just to keep up with the GT's !!!

    But back on topic , get tires for what your going to be driving for. For instance , if your going to be dragging or auto x'ing get the wider tires out back. My car is a cruiser , I opted for 245's all around for two reasons , It's a daily driver and wear is a concern as I don't wanna buy rims every year , so I got 245's all around so I can rotate them. And as I occasionally drive it hard , 245's are plenty grip enough for me.

    But if you have the money to spend and want a fat ass tire out back , do it! But just keep in mind , that if you are like me , I think long term as I am on a budget...

    It has nothing to do with your car being a V6 , it's your preference:nice:
  17. Just remember, it will make slower... much slower.
  18. Give the guy abreak, if he wants to put bigger tires on his car, well, it is HIS car, you spend your money, he spends his. I own a blown GT with a lot of mods, but with the gas prices the way they are, I also have a 93 4 banger notch..with Cobra wheels. It looks good, it handles good and with the suspension mods and it's fun to drive.
    I draw the line at neon though, that is gizzay.
  19. If you want 10.5s in the back, get them.

    There's nothing wrong with staggered sizes. I think it looks cool.

    As soon as my nittos wear down, I'm getting saleens with 10.5s in the rear. *shrug*
  20. I have 9 front and 10.5 rear and i haven't experienced any problems.