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  1. Hi, im 16 currently working on my 1990 foxbody. i got it a little over a year ago and been workin on it ever since so to show the progress i might as well show a couple photos to start off.. 543725_439220729431110_2108539265_n.jpg 543725_439220729431110_2108539265_n.jpg 378269_471363416216841_272395991_n.jpg 59606_498401736846342_1976231542_n.jpg 404662_502155719804277_602983700_n.jpg 554131_504041246282391_1389686284_n.jpg 395680_591112760908572_673641272_n.jpg Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.53.49 PM.png Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.54.01 PM.png
  2. :welcome: to :SN:

    Nice progress so far!