"New" Toploader

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  1. I am getting a Toploader from a friend to put in my 66 A Code. He says it is pretty straightforward except, "The biggest pain in the ass installing the four speed is adjusting the shift linckages." Can anyone provide any guidance as to what this means and how to do what he is saying? I appreciate it.
  2. The shift linkage is external (set of rods on the o/s of the trans), not internal like a T-5 or more modern transmissions. You have to adjust the length of each shift rod to ensure its acutating each gear correctly when you move the shifter. If its wrong, it can damage the transmission.

    Its not rocket science, but can be tedious. Best done with a helper to move through the gears.....
  3. what linkage are you using? stock, hurst competition of competition plus? if it's competetion plus it's a little more time consuming because the adjusting is done by screwing the rods into the mounting bosses on the trans. on competition linkage the adjustment is done where the rods attach to the shifter. all you have to do is loosen the nut put the rods in the correct position and then tighten them back down.
    in both hurst linkages there is a hole in the rods that has to be lined up. if the linkage doesn't include the alignment tool you can use a piece of coat hanger.
  4. You'll get better results if you use an allen wrench that'll fit snugly thru those alignment holes.:D And for newbies: there's a slot in the shifter body that these alignment holes are supposed to line up with. Put the trans. and shifter in neutral and adjust the rods to where they'll all fit with the shifter levers locked in place with the allen wrench. If you still have shifting problems afterward with a Hurst, chances are there are internal problems in the Toploader.
  5. Bingo! Adjusting the stop points for shifts can be a real pain.

  6. I got similar crap-ola going on with my three speed - that extra linkage on the 4 speed must make it even worse.

    Best of luck.
  7. +1 I have one specific one that I painted blue so I would know which it is!:D