New Used 2003 Cobra going into shop for Head Tick

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tool13, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys, To give you the full story, it started a few weeks ago when I bought a 2003 Cobra at CARMAX. The car drove fine when I test drove it and only made a few minor noises. 1. The ticking noise I though was a small leak from the exhaust, later to find... The notorius Head Tick. (Trust me, I compared the noise to the COBRA FAQ thread that was Posted by Uncle Meat) Not as bad as some heard on YOUTUBE, but definately noticeable. 2. A wereing sound (spelling off I know) from the rear end. Thought maybe because of being a different rear than my 03 GT. Wrong again... Anyway I guess I passed these things off as me being excited in getting a Cobra. My big Mistake. Now I have a rough idle, major vibrations when in higher speeds (55 and above) and a few other things that I didn't notice before driving off the lot.

    So to make this shorter, so I keep anyones interest... Its back at Carmax as we speak (30 warranty, no deductable) (And yes I purchased an extended one as well) Never can be too cautious... I'm Sure i'm really going to be in it now huh? This sucks, two weeks after getting my favorite car and already in the shop... Any comments or suggestions from you guys would be great... If you have any...
  2. who is doing the work?

    how much did u pay for car?

    how many miles on car
  3. So far its at CARMAX, but they said that the tick was normal engine noise. I will be taking it to Ford after I get the car back. That way I will have someone that knows what their talking about look at it. Then I will go from there.

    I paid 18,000 and there are 54,000 miles on it...
  4. I take it was a crappy deal or what?
  5. Did they fix the head tick or are they still trying to pass the buck?
  6. That's why I bought an 04 with low miles from a private owner that was a straight shooter... been 2 years and no problems.

    Take it back and get your money. They ain't gonna fix anything.
  7. i think thats a pretty good deal, you paid what some people pay for no warranty, and if I were you I would be smiling in this situation you made the right decsion 100%.

    good thing is, everything on a mustang is fixable and with warranty like you have you can be as picky as you want, its not your money.

    good luck and hope you can enjoy that beauty when she gets back