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  1. Greetings everyone.

    I'd first like to say that this is quite an impressive community with so much info which has aided me in finding my new weekend cruiser/toy which is a 1989 Mustang GT 5.0

    I'm from Connecticut and was lucky enough to find the fox I bought with no major rust issues, or much rust in general, just some slight areas where sanding is needed, which is hard to come across living in the New England area which gets all 4 seasons. The interior is awesome in such great shape that it looks like it rolled right off the factory line. Performance wise the car has a lot of bolt on parts, and am not to sure what has been done to the engine internally, but there is a very mild cam in it for sure.

    This is my first time owning a mustang of any kind. In the past, dare I say?, my first muscle car was a 1996 Camaro Z/28. Since then I've had your typical daily drivers until I got ahold of this amazing car.

    My fox has some flaws which I don't know how to fix or what parts I need to address these flaws, but I hope that members on this forum will share their knowledge and experience with me. I'm not a mechanic by no means, but I have a general idea of how to perform tasks on a car with some decent guidance and tools I have in my garage.

    Sorry for the long introduction, I'm just an excited 1st time fox owner eager to get her running tip top.

    Is there a dedicated section as to where I can post some issues on my car that I can ask and hopefully get some insightful responses?

    Many thanks and I look forward to reading and contributing to this great forum.

  2. Welcome! I'd have to say these are the most knowledgeable people when it comes to Mustangs. Good luck with your Fox! Post some pics.
  3. Pics please, and welcome aboard!
  4. Thank you for the kind welcomes NTO_GUY and Madspeed

    Here are the only pics I was able to take, didn't have any free space in my driveway to really step back and take full pics, but these where 4 quick pics I snapped the day she got dropped off at my home this past weekend.

    Honest opinions please :)

    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG
  5. Good looking car, and welcome to the forums.
  6. Thank you Jarrod :)
  7. Not a problem. Let me know if there is anything I can help out with.
  8. Some better pics of my stang after clearing out my driveway of my wife's car and my daily drivers. Car needs some cosmetic TLC and some misc. work like getting the speedo and odometer to work, fuel gauge, and redo some interior aspects to my taste/liking. Pretty contempt with the motor set up/build, tranny, and rear end. Just plan on putting in a strut tower brace in the engine pay and maybe bolt on sub frame connectors.

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  9. Good looking car 203polk. Welcome to the forum.
  10. Thanks for the kind comment ejnama.

    Little update, got my state classic plates yesterday along with reg and title work done, and finally got to take her out for a spin last night since it was a beautiful evening.

    Car ran and handled better than I expected on side roads, main roads, and highway. Without having a working fuel gauge I stopped at my local shell and topped her off with 93.

    The center consul pod for my engine temp read at 185ish to 195ish...pretty close to 200 degrees. Does that sound like a normal operating temp for a 5.0 with internal mods and bolt ons? I felt the heat coming from the tranny as I was rowing the the gears, but man was it a fun ride. Very relieving of my stress and even got complimented a few times at red lights. Wife also thinks the car is bad ass now after I did a hard pull merging onto the highway and a rolling burn out on a side street in a business district. Her first impression was that 80's cars aren't fast :p Her only major compliant is that there is no AC since a proper AC delete was done.
  11. Welcome to the forums. I used to have a 95 and 01 z28 i loved the power they had off the factory floor but not the riding on the pavement feel. You got a nice stang and i like the color as well. There is tons of info and lots of goodies to make it fast. Is that a true gt or the lx model?

  12. Thanks for the kind words skidoo. I do enjoy the color and it was pretty funny/ironic that I told me wife the next weekend car I get needs to be blue, and as luck would strike, I got one :D but the paint job was done so/so. It will need touching up in the near future and I'd like to repaint it the same color once I have sufficient funds.

    I'm not 100% sure if it's a GT or LX. My title simply states Mustang 5.0. I have to find a site where I can run my VIN # and can verify if it's a true GT or LX 5.0. Either way, I'm in love with this stang although it needs some TLC here and there....more so cosmetic issues such as trim, weather stripping, etc.
  13. well done man..
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