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  1. My new project

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    Interior is in almost perfect shape, engine runs strong but has some leaks, trans has the first gear grinding issue and there is some surface rust on the body, Still have the fog light covers as well as the cargo privacy cover. Car came with a bunch of parts like a new hood sticker, ford emblems, 5.0 emblems, ac lines, and a few other things.

    Already picked up a GT40 upper and lower intake and about to get some GT40 heads and a b cam. Have to switch it over to mass air but that is in the works as well.

    Oh well I know TL;DR but I am excited lol.
  2. Question - the cross member under the hood bars - they appear to be new. Are they an aftermarket part and what purpose do they serve? IMG_3284.JPG My 93 lx vert doesn't have them and I'm wondering if they are something I think about getting. Sweet new ride by the way. A buddy of mine had one just like it back in the day and ever since then I have had the urge... Came true about 3 months ago
  3. It's a strut tower brace, came on the car when I bought it, supposed to help with chassis flex.
  4. Welcome aboard!