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  1. hello new to the forums,
    I have a 73 Mach1 fastback, got it as HS grad present, fully restored, then had to park it and it has been garages for last 20 years. Finally pulled it out to start the rebuild. As a member of a jeep forum I know the benefit of having this kind of access to get questions answered.

    I am signed in with Facebook, how do I log in with tapatalk from my mobile device? Thanks
  2. is there a better app for windows phone for reading / posting to the forum?
  3. I use tapatalk on android phone
  4. how do you log in? I used the connect with Facebook option, and my logon and pass won't allow me to login from tapatalk.
  5. at the first screen you arrive at once you go to the Stangnet Forums within tapatalk, there is a login button at the top right corner of the screen. Enter your STANGNET username and password and you will be logged in. You will not have to do this again unless you choose to logout after use. I haven't logged out for a long time
  6. but I login to stangnet with button connect with FB. so I don't have stangnet L&P
  7. I for one prefer not to use facebook in connection with my other communication forums. fb has too many privacy invasions for me. I recommend creating a stangnet username and password. You can still use tapatalk either way though. You caould also create a tapatalk id and login from that, i have no experience doing it that way as again, I feel the apps have too loose a privacy policy for my liking
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  8. Fixed it thanks
  9. Can I post pics? hyry3a9e

    I think I answered it.
  10. Welcome to Stang net .Join us at the 64 1/2 -73 forum, and also classics talk.
    We have a thread going to post pics of your classic mustang .looking forward to seeing more pics. Nice 73:welcome: