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  1. Hey fellas!

    Nice to see a section for OT Tech. :hail2: Now that I am a proud owner of a un-Stang - the TA - gotta question.

    How many of you have used aftermarket silicon impregnated Polyurethane bushings in vehicels other than the Stangs? If you have, where did you use them and what did you find the positives/negatives to be?

    I would have went with Delrin for the UCA, but the budget was tight and opted for Energy Suspension's UCA/LCA kit. We got the UCA bushings in after a bear of a time removing the stock OEM rubber from the sleeve-overs. It was more like a Tire Fire attached to the UCA flaming those compressed mofos out. :nonono:

    Considering a HPDE at PIR mid-summer and would like to use the remaining kit bushings. However, the "Suspension God" I share my life with will not allow such defilement for fear of rebound, binding and bump steer issues relative to the hard compound. :shrug:


    Thanks All.

  2. WOW they made a forum for you to post LS-1 tech :lol: :lol:

  3. hahahahaha.. Better than nude pics, my Friend. Come ON..... No comment from you on the bushings?
  4. so far you install rear upper and lower control arm bushings right? what else came with the kit..

  5. No go on the lowers, Bud. And that was a barter swap for favors just to get an allowance on the uppers. :nonono: The kit came with front UCA/LCA bushings and inner sleeves.

    The product literature link is below. A couple of my Stang buddies from the past have used ES Hyper-Flex bushings with little to no problem at track events; however, they were not Auto-X or HPDE runners for that matter. 1/4 mile junkies versus corner carvers.

    From what I have read and been advised, standard polyurethane bushings can be harsh and are prone to lateral movement rebound bind; however, it appears that the binding comes under heavy lateral load and cornering. I don't believe I am too harsh in my driving to not put the LCA bushings on as well. :shrug:

    Do you have any data on this rebound/bind phenomenon that is preventing the love of my life and my in-house Suspension Guru from allowing the use of the remainder of the kit, Mike? :shrug:

    It’s not that I do not believe and trust what he say; however, I am a tad butt munched spending hard earned $ on bushings that may not be used. If the data supports the hypothesis, then I will concede. If not, I have one heck of a task ahead of me to convince him to give me the second set of hands needed to perform the LCA bushing swap.
  6. May I ask what your goals are?
  7. My main and immediate goal is to limit wheel hop and the transitional driveline/drivetrain/driveshaft damage associated with it.

    This is no joke. The wheel hop regardless of HOW I drive this F-Body is substantial and needs my immediate attention.
  8. To eliminate wheelhop on your TA, you need Aftermarket LCA's, Panhard rod and get rid of that weak Torque Arm(F-Body's don't have UCA's for the rear). BMR, UMI and Spohn have great kits that do a great job.
    Here is a pic of how good a set up can do.
  9. Thanks Black :nice:. I should have IM'd ya' from the get-go. :)

    Interesting to note that the two kits below the TBC-1 kit both contain Poly bushings in lieu of the military compliant spherical.

    I am noticing that most these CAs come with poly and with that provided the poly is used on the axle side and not the frame side it is a preferable option for most applications. In fact BMR actually uses Prothane products with their boxed CAs. Your take on this Black?

    Global West's Traclink Kit appears to be a great solution for axial deflection in the rear; however - at about $600 shipped, I will wait on this option.

    I don't believe it warrants the cost at this time since all I will be running is Grudge Street Legal Wednesday nights and perhaps an HPDE. I wish I could get the TA set-up before April 13th, I would hit Willow Springs for the Shelby Club event there. Not this year though. :(
  10. My MM have the same setup on the Cobra with Poly on the chasis end and the Spherical on the axle end. I have noticed that the rear is much more stable.

    I have heard alot of good results and comments about BMR. Have you checked into the Spohn setups?