Nitrous Install Wiring...

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  1. I pulled this diagram from Google and changed it slightly to fit my parts and car. But I am not 100% it is correct and not sure where to put the blue and grey wire from the window switch...

    The grey wire goes to input for the tach signal. (Not really sure where is the best place to get splice in to?)

    The blue wire goes to the negative/ground side of the device that I want to activate. (Does this go to the ground of the solenoids?)

    Any help?

  2. This is my updated version of the previous posted diagram... I am only really worried about how I have the solenoid grounds ran through the window switch. I am not 100% sure this is correct. Any help?

  3. Both from the Leash Electronics Website:

    smugshot_5234609.jpg SingleStageNitrousDiagram.jpg

    I am in no way affiliated with this guy, just really like his stuff and use it in my car and customers cars personally!
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  4. That is a really nice set up. But not only am I cheap, I am poor. lol. I get 99% of my parts through trading. I doubt he's in for a trade.

    So this is how I am currently (half way through it rained on me) wiring it up... Should work out nicely. Unless you or anyone else spy's something wrong?

  5. cheap, poor and hotrod don't mix well, just sayin
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  6. Sounds like most cl adds.
  7. I understand the modo:

    Cheap, Fast, Reliable. You can only pick two.

    I do have above average trading skills. I also weld, machine, fabricate, and install all my own parts. Making the amount of money needed much less than most.

    Either way, does my diagram look correct for those experienced in nitrous installs with window switches?
  8. The schematic you have looks good, how big of a relay did you plan to use on the solenoids? Also what is the amp draw on the purge solenoid? (I just would be concerned about circuit wire sizing)
  9. I think the controller I posted is only 55$ for what it's worth and it makes a super nice clean install.