Nitrous Install

White Wolf

Dec 10, 2018
Las Vegas NV
I have bounced back and forth from Nitrous to Supercharger for a long time. Since I already had about HALF of the kit for Nitrous I decided to go ahead and finish off ordering the parts.

I wanted to do it right so here is what I ordered.


Nitrous Express Kit Using 150 (Shot) $800.00

Nitrous Outlet ProMax Progressive Kit $950

10# Bottle W/ Gauge $320

Bottle Holder $287

Bottle Heater $260

Bottle Opener $310

Purge Line Kit $155

Bottle Blow Off Valve $30

Switch Panel $60.00 (inside console)

Auto Meter triple gauge (pod) $100

Auto Meter Nitrous Pressure (GUAGE) $250.00

Auto Meter AFR Digital (GAUGE) $335

Auto Meter Fuel Pressure (GAUGE) $232

I just had everything installed a couple days ago. Now the 3rd Phase is getting a new DYNO TUNE for it along with changing my gears back down to 4:10 from 4:56 and a set of colder Brisk Plugs. Holding off due to the uncertainty of the future economy/ Virus Scare.

Speed Shop did a beautiful job and took them about 4 days to due to the electronics and sensors etc.

Haven't used it yet and won't til I get some other things in order.

Thought this may help someone who is on the FENCE.


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