no disrespect to this forum, but....

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  1. is this the most popular forum for Mustangs? just wondering....there are so many out there. and it doesn't seem that this one is updated too often. any better forums out there? again, no disrespect
  2. This forum used to be awesome. It still might be in other sections. But in the 2011+ section, it sucks. Try allfordmustangs dot com and moddedstangs ... mustangforums They all have more posts per day then this site... literally 100 times more
  3. Quantity doesn't necessarily equate to quality. Before posting on StangNet, use the search first. More often than not your question has already been answered. If not, then create a post. I for one follow the S197 section everyday. If I feel that I can contribute, I will speak up. Plenty of others are here with consistent feedback and input.

    Previously I was on West Coast Fords as well as Racoon Racing. I'm exclusively on StangNet now.
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  4. mahalo for the honest replies. see another thing is that i think that AM is no longer active, and giving out the discounts. so if they don't update their stuff here, then this forum prolly might not be the best. i bought 2000 dollars worth of stuff from them and asked them for a discount code on this forum, but they never replied. i just bought a crapload of more stuff, but they don't care about this site. wish they did, cuz i like this site!
  5. If they are doing discounts on other forums, it might be worth opening an account elsewhere too.

    However, the feedback I get here has been informative and accurate, so I stick around. I like the forum layout and options, so I don't feel a need to go elsewhere.

    Good luck to you.
  6. This forum has some good information but doesn't get a lot of activity.

    For the S197 the best forum for technical information is the There is a wealth of knowledge and some really hard core guys on that forum. Just be aware it's not like most of the other forums. It's an adult forum, so there won't be any **** when you type a nasty word. The main thing, as a new member, is to read the rules before posting and don't post in the tech section unless it's really tech, what's the best muffler is not tech. You need a thick skin if you make a mistake, as you will get ripped. If you get ripped, just go with it and don't get up on a high horse and you will be fine.

  7. I hung out here exclusively until I bought the Shelby. Hardly any Shelby action on here at all, which is too bad, because I like the "climate" here better than any of the other forums out there. I don't have any use for forums that turn into flame wars on every post. I like it here, ands will stay.
  8. There are others around for sure. The quality here, though, is top-notch. I check it daily, and post when I see something relevant. There are only so many "what's the best muffler" post that I'll answer though....most things have been answered. As for AM, setup an account over on AFM, they are active there.
  9. If you want discounts why worry about the forum if that's what your looking for just like them on FB and follow that traffic :shrug:
  10. I tried to register there and received this:

    "Dear ipscshooter,

    Unfortunately your registration at WWW.S197FORUM.COM did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted.


    Not sure what the problem was. I'm a member on every Mustang site I know about. I've owned Mustangs for 24 years and currently drive an S197. Maybe they don't like lawyers?
  11. We like lawyers over there. I'm active on S197 forum as well (many others actually, its my job). I like the layout of Stangnet as well. It's a little different than the other forums I'm on, but its nice to see all years, makes, and models. I'm a fan of just about any mustang.
  12. I'm just trying to figure out why my registration was denied...
  13. Not sure. Honestly, I have never seen anything like that.
  14. Sent an email to the site, and got a response back. Apparently, I accidentally got dropped along with a bunch of holiday spammers.
  15. Ahhhhhh I got ya.
  16. Glad it got worked out, it's a great site.

  17. This site contains a lot of "old-timer" Mustang enthusiasts. Folks new to Mustangs are sometimes put off by the vibe they get from people who have owned Mustangs since they were old enough to drive. As a result, our pre-2004 member numbers are pretty high but our S197 registrations are taking some time to get spun up.

    As an example, there are roughly 350 posts (average) per day here on Stangnet. That's about on-par with the larger forums on the net. There are about 1.5 million more total threads here than there are on most other forums. What you're seeing though, is a relatively slow start in the S197 sections. It's turning around though. The user base for s197 is beginning to grow exponentially as more and more folks purchase these cars and find a home here for advise and conversation.

    I should probably note that this site is one of the FEW forums left on the net that are not owned by a company or corporation. That's why there is a lot fewer ads and why we don't allow advertising and such in the discussion forums.

    So stay tuned... Activity within S197 is creeping up. :)
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  18. ^----Indeed. In the grand scheme of things, the S197 is still a relatively young platform (even more so for the newly popular '10-up cars).

    It would be nice if everyone could afford a new Mustang, but the sad truth of the matter, is that the vast majority of Mustang enthusiast out there aren't ready to pony up $30-$40K for a new Mustang just yet. Blame it on the faltering economy, or family priorities (hard to squeeze the wife, little junior, the twins, the family pet(s) and all accompanying luggage into the Mustang and drive cross country to see the inlaws. :D ), but it’s a slow growth. As the used market saturates, new models are introduced and prices for these cars start coming down..and aftermarket continues to grow, new owners will start coming out of the woodwork.

    The '96-'04 Modular Forums got the same slow start when these cars were still in their infancy much like the S197 is now. Fast forward to today and you'll see that the '94-'04 forum is one of the busiest on the site.

    Don’t fret fellas. The late model forum will built and grow. Just keep your eyes open and doing your part to contribute to their success and the numbers will continue to climb. :)
  19. Noobz347, like I said this is a good site and I, for one, really appreciate the lack of advertizing. Some of the other forums, I wont mention which, are now letting adds be posted as sticky's about all sorts of stuff. I am one of those old timers that have owned Mustangs for years. I was on this site for years when I had my 96 but with all the time I spent on the road with work, I just kind of faded.

    When I retired I bought an 06 for my retirement present to myself and had to learn all about the new computer stuff. I enjoy this site and visit it almost every day. I hope the S197 section continues to grow.

  20. That 'splains a lot! I knew I liked this place for a reason. Y'all are like ME!

    That means you're not only longtime Mustang enthusiasts, but you're wiser, more mature, deeply intellectual with an amazing wit, and dashingly handsome.:D