1. Hi everyone. Just introducing myself here in the forums. I have always loved Mustangs and have always wanted one. A friend of mine was giving away an 87 notchback shell so I jumped at the opportunity to take it off his hands and start a new project. This is really my first time attempting to do a project this big so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to start. It is a completely bare shell...no engine, tranny, wheels, suspension...nothing but the dash and windows. I know that it was originally a 4 cylinder. I know that I want to swap in a V8 and get it BAR'd. With that being said I would like some input on where to begin. Thanks in advance :nice:
  2. Now you need to go and find yourself a donor car. A bare shell will kill you financially. (even if it's "free")

    Look back at the thread I just posted about my new project. Common concensus was that I should pass on the car because of the potential expense required to get it running, safe, and reliable. That was a complete, potentially running car. If I'm reading this right,.....you have to have some sort of dolly just to move the "car" around.

    Personally, I cannot find any beneficial advice to even offer you w/ regard to saving a shell that needs so much stuff transplanted over to it (unless it is an amazing, rust free body). Even then,..it'll seem dumb to buy an almost running car so you can move everything off of that onto the shell.:shrug:
  3. Start from the ground up suspension and drivetrain start building it off of what your going to use the car for whether it be strip or street and what your going to use for a motor, if its just the shell you might as well get all the body work and the entire car painted to your color also before ya start building it......get some pics!
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    I gotta go with what Mike said. You're missing everything from that car from the basics to the details... That's going to be MONUMENTAL task to replace all of those pieces and parts. If the body is like TOTALLY STELLAR, then I would probably look around for a wrecked donor car as a cache for all of those things.

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  9. I could see doing the swap if your shell is solid and you happen across something like this(I'd offer his less $$$):

    I may catch heat for this, but I'd use a ragged out GT (pleanty of those on Craigslist too) to save a nice Notch.

    If you have the time on your hands, right donor and the storage & work space, I say go for.