Note: if gutting MAS

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  1. When you gut the mass air sensor.. which means cutting out the aluminum piece in the middle. Be sure to take that back plate off.. I didn't have a tamper proof torx bit to take it off so I just cut down the middle of the plate leaving a piece connected to the shaft. I proceeded to turn on my car, note the battery had been disconnected for 2 hours and it idled rough and everything.. then after about 10 minutes it was dumping fuel.. so I was like wtf, check engine light and everything. I pretty much knew what the problem was. :fuss:

    I proceeded to buy a good set of torx bits, got home, and removed the remaining piece of metal plate, put it all back in place started it up.. little rought idle, then a peaceful idle ! :cheers:

    I figure the sensor was either sensing too much air or not enough air (Because of the plate). So everything is good now.. I can feel a few more horses and the car runs cooler than it used to (which was really cool). :cool:

    I also got my home made cold air installed :banana:

    Moral of the story ?
  2. I've heard bad stories of doing that. Can you really feel that great of an increase?

    My luck is that I'll break the whole entire thing and then I'm screwed. :p
  3. It isn't hard to do, pretty much when you get a groove cut w/ the mini-hacksaw it stays on track and you don't cut anything else. I can feel a little increase plus the car stays cooler than it was.. so that has to be good for something.
  4. Isnt that aluminum piece in the middle of the MAS the part that samples the air and gives your computer the information?? What could you hope to gain by cutting out that small piece of metal??
  5. No, there is a shaft that goes through the middle of the mas, and that is the part you cut out. The sample tube is at the top of the MAS. Cutting out the shaft in the middle free's up some space for more air flow. So, more air flow plus the homemade cai = more power. Not much, but somewhat noticeable.
  6. Got any pictures? I'm still kinda confused about what your saying.