1. who likes cheese?
  2. Oww!

    I do! I do!

    As long as it is edible and doesnt come from a exotic animal (or person) :rolleyes:
  3. Looks like a german shepard and a pelican may have been in the same room for too long.....
  4. looks like it might make a tasty spicy germanican sandwich.. Wendy's style
  5. That with or with out the doggy manyniasse?
  6. oh wow :nonono:

    mayonaise is made from egg white right? and thats a bird thing right? I guess i can take mayonaise made from those eggs? :shrug:
  7. Does anyone else have that dayum happy Daniel Powter song stuck in their head???

    I'm gonna hang myself- can someone kick the stool out for me? :)
  8. It's alive.... IT'S ALIVE!!!!!
  9. Ya had a bad daaaay... oooooooohh oh oh ya had a baaad day :D

    *throws phone chord over rafter in office*

  10. i hate that bad day song makes me wanna hang myself

  11. Heres my incision 4 days after having surgery for a hernia.
    ****in hernia.:bang:

  12. since we're on the topic

    i found a potato that looks like mickey mouse. or maybe the bastard love child of mr potato head and that little skank Pippy Longstocking. Everybody who sees it says the same thing, "you ought to put it on ebay". but what will i do if it falls into the wrong hands? or should i just use the money to buy mustang parts? wait a minute < smacking self > ok, you're right. so what kind of twin turbo setup should i buy when i get the stack o' green for this freak of nature? and what should the opening bid be? a hundred grand? ( i don't want anybody thinking i am trying to get more than it's worth ) or should i go for the gold and ask for a cool ten mill?
  13. It looks more like a fat chick with no legs and large hooters lying on her back.

    Opening bid... $100 with no reserve. We'll see what it fetches.
  14. hey, the opinion of a new stangnet moderator has to be better than that of say, some steenking market analyst or wall street guru. and i really didn't need the fat chick visual man. that was just plain wrong! hey, since you're a moderator you can answer a question. is the phrase 'fart blossom' acceptable for casual conversation on stangnet?
  15. *checking the rule book*

    There doesn't appear to be an exclusion rule for the term "fart blossom".
  16. great, that's a relief. that means if any of my relatives join stangnet we can have a civil conversation for once.
  17. It comes from the same family as this.

    View attachment 462476
  18. what dagger has done since becoming a MOD.

  19. *clear throat*

    Dear (Insert Nam90lxfoxbodye Here),

    I am so glad that you found my science project. What you claim to be a 10 Million Dollar recreation of Mickey Mouse is actually nothing of the sort...

    I wrote to let you know that this is my 8th Grade Science Project. My project is on "Vegetable Recreations of the Human Body". What you see as an ordinary Mickey Mouse Potato is in fact a Full Scale Genetic Mach Up of the Female Reproductive System. It is a Uterus and Ovaries.

    I trust that my genetic mutation is safe with you. Even though I hid it in my grandmother's underwear hamper I see that you found it. If you don't have any further use for it I would like to have it back as I do not wish to recieve an "F" on my report card.



    PS: My granny would like her false teeth, thong and applicator back if you don't mind. Thanks again :)

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