O how the tables have turned

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  1. A friend of mine who went off to college used to drive the typical ricer integra-Euro tailights fart cannon, neons the works. Raced him once or twice and beat him so bad it was funny. He gives me a call when he gets home back and we chill and he says do u want to race again i say why, then he goes i have a new mod. He opens his garage and in it a Frickin Subaru Wrx Sti Blue w/ silver rims, 6 speed, my jaw drops and now he is botherin me constantly to race... Anyone got an 03 cobra i can borrow? b/c there is no way in hell i can run w/ him without a nice 390 hp 4.6 haha :shrug:
  2. race him on a hot summer day and high humidity, turbo cars hate that. it would help to piss in his gas tank too.


    those lil mofos do go, and in a short race even a cobra might have a lil difficulty if it botches the launch. i used to think sti's and evos were mostly hype, but after having driven an evo, all i can say is DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. maybe you should drop a few hundred and rent a viper for a day, tell him its your newest mod
  3. yeah, on a 100 degree day, you will only lose by 6 car lengths and not 7 haha.

    unless you got a cobra, or LT/LS1, you will die no matter what.
    a modded GT would do it, but u'd need 300RWHP.
  4. nice stereo system btw.
  5. Rich Kids... I know this girl who is getting a RX-8, because her daddy is buying it for her...
  6. wow same here exept some dude at my school got an rx-8. damn definatly not the car id get for 30k
  7. so hes in college and bought a 30 thou car. he rich or just gonna have it repossed in a couple months?
  8. Yea, try this one. At my HS i know someone who got an $80,000 benz, didn't like it so her parents bout her a another car worth $70,000. Her Sis got a 2003 M3, and their brother got A new 911 turbo. Antother 2 kids got that new G-Wagon worthless **** this and both of them dropped 40,000 into them for interior upgrades. Two other kids I know just got M3's for their 17th birtday. Another girl I know had her parents play a joke on her by buying a used ws6, she cried, then told her her new A6 was in the back. Do I have to continue? The though of these kids a go to school with just makes me sick. That Mach 1 you see in my Sig i bought with my OWN money not Mom and Dads.
  9. where u live at. i got a thing half full of battery acid from my dads snowmobile u could use to spruce up their paint jobs
  10. Sounds like you live somewhere like Bellview, Wa lol.
  11. rich..spoiled kids are good for nothing..
  12. It doesnt take a 03 cobra to catch one if its stock or lightly modded I have done it before i obviously dont have a cobra there quick but not quite the beast you think it is. They usually get you out the hole no matter what mods you have thats what awd does to you.
  13. Why would the Mustang driver need 300rwhp?

    Are you serious? STi's are not RWHP rated, they are just like everything else on the market, FLY WHEEL RATED.

    So the GT would need ~250rwhp, feasable with bolt on's for a 5spd.

    A STI straight from the showroom will see 245hp/265lbs tq to the wheels.

    To 2k:
    Just make sure you keep him broke from adding mods.

    Dont forget to tell him it doesnt matter if he beats you, he spent $34k to get there.
  14. street racing is illegal in real life and on here... :nonono:

  15. maybe i over shot the advantage an AWD vehicles really gives. I also forgot about the approx 25% parasitic loss they suffer. 250RWHP then.
  16. Who said anyone was street-racing?
  17. So, since my power is rated at the wheels.......I could take an STI????? Come on drag strip.......once the snow clears anyway
  18. You can probably take on the STI(STOCK), but it will definantly be a drivers race.

    If one of you make a slight mistake, its over.

    If your car is S/C'd why the SLOW HP?

    We typically see a 1st GENERATION 4.6(your non PI) make about 290~300rwhp without problems and a proper tune @~8lbs.

  19. No Wonder some kids are screwed up these days! My 1st car was a 1973 4door Gran Torino, which I had to pay for, (a whopping $150.00) smackers in 1984, it was your standard ford rust bucket, 4x60 MPH A/C with the windows rolled down, PS, PB. 351W, automatic. Heck I didn't get a new car till I had a full time job and was 25yrs old so I could afford the insurance. What the heck are some parents teaching their kids! Don't get me wrong my kids is only 12yrs old, but there's no chance in hell I'll buy her a brand new car when she's old enough to drive, she'll drive what ever is in the driveway, untill she can pay her own way. She already has eyes set on the my convertable.

    What you don't have to pay for you don't respect! I've seen my brothers kids trash the cars he's provided for them.

    My hats off to any of the younger people on this board that have bought & payed for their own cars!
  20. it's this horrible Bush economy