OBD-II in a '95 V6?

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  1. Hey guys. Finally got her up and running, two days later... its still running strong but i got a check engine light.. I notice an OBD-II port under the dash, and i've tried two OBD-II readers, and they dont even get power.. Am i missing an older type port, or what could be going on? I dont think the PCM is fried, its running to good for it to be..


  2. That's because it's not OBD-II.

    It's OBD-I
  3. ...which means that you can pull any codes using the jumper wire method. The procedure is in the service manual. OBD-I is not as comprehensive in helping you with diagnostics, but at least it's easier to pull codes since you don't need a reader.
  4. Hmm, still a little confused. I know its OBD-I compliant, but the port is a PRE-OBD II com port, so im a little fishy on what scanner to buy..

  5. You don't need a scanner.

    You hook a jumper between your positive battery post and one of the terminals in the diagnostics port. Your check engine light will flash out the code for what's wrong. You can make a jumper with an insulated alligator clip from Radio Shack and some wire- just be careful not to short it on the body or anything else!

  6. I am 99% sure that a 95 V6 is OBD2. Their are a few cars that were obd2 before 96 and the 94 and 95 v6 mustang is one of them. Bring it to autozone and let them read it
  7. maybe..... but OBD-II is supposed to be a standardized interface. I wonder why the readers aren't getting any data?
  8. Its OBD II, You may have a open wire to your DLC connector. use a DMM and check for voltage at the top left pin of the connector. It should always have voltage with the key on. There are other things that may make it not communicate such as an unplugged sensor.
  9. the car is not obd-II,96 and up are obd-II my wife has a 95gt and it has the plug under the dash but it was never hooked up from the factory,the test plug u need is on the pssenger side fender close to the a/c stuff on the firewall.u can buy tester after tester for the obd-II and it will never work,its obd-I,only 96 and newer vehicles are obd-II.the plug under the hood should have a black cover and say eec test.it has a big plug and then a small grey plug.
  10. It totally depends

    It's OBD-II, i agree on that one. See, 95 was the last year of obd-I support, and was the transition to obd-II in 96. Now, some cars (not all) used obd-II systems in 95, and was usually found on higher end cars, like the mustang, corvette (hate em), etc... you get the picture. Seriously, 95 was a very funny year for alot of cars concerning obd-I or obd-II support. My 95 mustang V6 is OBD-II.
  11. the obd 2 port under the dash is actually for the gem module >95 is still obd1 and the connecter will be under the hood
  12. Thanks guys, esp Skymarshall. I know little about Stangs specifically, but this info will get me started on my son's '94 I mentioned in another thread.

  13. funny...my obd II scanner works in my 95 v6...
  14. 94 & up V6 stangs are OBDII

    94 & up V6 stangs are OBDII 5.0's are not. I had a 95 v6 vert & it was definitely OBDII as I used the port under the dash with my OBDII scanner. the same scanner that I still use on every car in my household except for my 95 GT.not sure why there is no power at the port but take it to Advance or Autozone & see what they say.
  15. Thank you 393Stroker. Fact!

    94-95 GT's, which have the 5.0 302 engine are EEC-IV (aka OBD I). The 5.0's are the ONLY Stangs with OBD-I pcm's. The 94 and up 3.8 V6 Stangs are ALL OBD-II systems. The only thing different between the 94-95 V6's and the 96 and up V6's is that the 94-95's still contain Ignition Control Modules, while the later ones don't. It's all built in to the PCM on those. There are a few other differences, but I wont get into that..way off topic.

    So 94-95 V6 people, go ahead and fire up that OBD-II scanner. If no scanner will work when plugged in, either there is a wiring problem on the data connector, or a faulty sensor is overloading the PCM. A no read display will occur if this IS the case. Unplugged sensors wont cause a no-read situation. It will just throw a code for no signal, no voltage, etc.