SN95 Obdi/ Eec-iv That What A 95 Gt Has?

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  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but is it 95 and later is obd2?
    Yo, bro hit a search and you can find what years switched from obd1 to obd2.
  2. No 96 was obd2
    I know obd2 came out in 96. My hang up was the whole eec-iv but I now know that that's what 95s have. How bout the models w the a9l or whatever it's called(which is also obd1) would the same code reader read that one that reads eec-iv? How bout the one in the link I provided?? It says communicates w / MCU and eec-iv. What the hell is MCU??
  3. Edit I think 95 v6's had obd2 but the v8's were still obd1
  4. That scanner will work in both cars 90. All 95 and 96 push rod Windsors came OBD1.
  5. Thanks fellas
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  7. LOL... Never noticed that but it's true. I don't have the cable. I've been fine without it but there's def been a few circumstances where having it would have made things easier.
  8. Yeah don't guess it'd be that big of a deal if the port was in the car but I can see where koer would be difficult if you were by yourself

  9. I have this scanner and cable. Makes running the codes VERY easy from the driver's seat of the car. Can do all the codes with clutch in, plus run the cylinder balance test.

    Yes, the cable is pricey, but it's worth it unless you have a buddy to sit in the car for you while you run the test under the hood.

    Every Mustanger with EEC-IV should have an Equus 3145
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  10. It's on the to do list
  11. Should be at the top... Even before the sub-frame connectors, if you can believe that.

    Not really difficult, you just have to start the test from under the hood. Def better to have the thing and not do the rodeo though.
  12. I just prop mine up so its visible from the drivers seat for the koer tests
  13. Ah that's an idea