Saleen Official "Find the Tangerine Saleens" thread

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  1. I've been doing a lot of digging and a fair bit of emailing people out of the blue trying to get some definitive answers on how many Saleens were produced in Tangerine clear coat. So far, this is what I have....

    05 - coupe - silver graphics - manual trans - owned by me in the UK
    25 - coupe -black graphics - manual trans - in Dalton Ga.
    56 - vert - black graphics - auto trans -was on ebay last year (08?)
    103 - coupe - black graphics - owned by a couple in Texas - (on CL at the moment)
    125 - vert - black graphics - auto trans -owned by Augie Caciolo - in Jersey
    223 - coupe - black graphics - auto trans - in Oregon (previous owner known to Tigger)
    246 - coupe - black graphics - manual trans - owned by saleen246 in CA

    wow... up to 7 as of 13/dec/2011 :)

    Does anyone know anything further information on ANY of the tangerine cars???

    I'll duplicate this thread on another Saleen forum if anyone can recommend one??
  2. I'll apologize... I almost have to do it:
    1994-1998 Saleen Mustang Forum

    I'll look a bit later, but I'm pretty sure I have an ad or two for new 1996 Orange S281s and/or a new dealer ad and a "used" vehicle ad. Circa 1990s.

    Will look.
  3. Edge, I told you about an Orange 1996 S-281 Coupe in Dalton GA a few years back. I lived there when she bought it new. I met the original owner in 1996. She bought the car at Jacky Jones Ford. She also had a supercharger installed and an SR wing. Well last year she sold the car to a friend of mines brother. I will try and get the bumper # for you. Mark
  4. Hi Mark,

    I still have that PM from 2007! You said that the car was owned by Tony W's brother, it would be great if you could get the bumper number, i know it's got the black graphics, and i think its a coupe is it not?

    Once we get the number I'll add it to the top post :)
  5. looks like this is the one with the SR wing Mark... is this the one your friends brother has ?


    i've found a few pics, but none of the bumper number !!
  6. That is the car! The blue car has GA plates! The Supercharger has been removed! I tryed to get a hold of Tony but he has a new e-mail address! I will get a hold of him next week!!! Mark
  7. i must admit I've not given the hunt for tangerines my full attention for the last few months but I'm turning up nothing but blanks :(

    I found a video of a tangering saleen on youtube with a novi 2000, a p51 intake and a big cowl hood. No idea if its a real saleen, a replica or what... cant find out much about that one at all really....
  8. 96-Tangerine#125

    #125 Sitting under cover for the winter here in New Jersey. I have owned her since 1998 and has under 18k. The other Tangerine Convertible was for sale on E-Bay back at least 6-7 years ago, and I remember the car going up to $27000.00 and change and the reserve had not been met. Bumper #56 for the second convertible in Tangerine. Both Convert's are Auto's. There was a total of 5 Tangerines built. 3 coupes/ 2 convert's.
    Will post pictures in the Spring on #125.
  9. hey Mr. Bug...

    number 56 completes the list !!!!!! :flag:

    you dont hapen to remeber if it had the silver or black graphics do you? also, what graphics are on yours...

    thanks for the help :)

  10. Hey Michael!

    Happy New Year across the pond. :D

    How's the car running. Any more boost yet?
  11. Hi marcus...

    Happy new year to you too :)

    there's no more boost yet :notnice: I only managed to drive the car 3 miles last year, that was 1.5 miles to the inspection station, and 1.5 miles back !!!! Embarassing I know...

    I'm planning to save for a built bottom end though next, and probbaly some of the new TFS heads, with those bits I should be able to wind up the boost enough to find the next weakest component in the drive train :rolleyes:

    Hows tricks over there, hope its snowing over there as bad as it is here. Although, having said that, we just had 3" of snow overnight and the contry's entire infrastructure colapsed... absolutely typical. People are calling in to their jobs saying they cant get in, schools are closed, roads are left uncleared... Youd think for the amount of bad weather this country has we'd be prepared !!!
  12. Both Converts' are Black graphics.

  13. Wow.

    Sorry to hear you have not been able to get out and drive that coupe' more often. If you are not breaking parts... you are not trying hard enough!

    Snow in London. !!! We have snow everywhere but here in sunny Southern California! 78 degrees f today here. That's about 25 deg. C. Sorry. :D It's the desert here you know.

    Hope you all are able to dig out soon. Maybe Jeremy and his crew can tape a TopGear in the snow. Now that would be brilliant!
  14. thanks again for the updated info Mr Bug...


    the snow is finally thawing now, the lazy sumb1tches are finally having no choice but to go back to work.. some people have had a week off, any excuse....

    Im planning on driving the car a LOT more this year, firstly to a dyno where I can finish off mapping it so I can make use out of the new novi 2000 blower on it..

    Oh, here's a perculiar english idiosyncrasy... we use °F for hot weather and °C for cold weather... now THATS plain ODD !!! So there's talk of highs at 70°F and lows of -3°C

    Ahh... I'd give most things to be back in CA, I was only there for 2 weeks a few years back but could have easily skipped that plane ride home... I work 100% from home so there's nothing stopping me moving anywhere in the world and continuing with my current employment... just your pesky visa/green card system... I just need to get someone over there aged 50+ to adopt me as their son and I'm good to go....
  15. Man, That is screwy with the F and C. lol.

    I can't believe that was already 2 years ago since your honeymoon.

    Let us know when you are coming over again so we can all hook up.

    If it makes you feel any better it's supposed to rain all week here in Los Angeles next week.
  16. FYI 223 is an Auto as well. Here is a pic of it from a few years back.

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  17. thanks dude, much appreciated :)
  18. Hey Tony Welch is my uncle and im the owner of the car i got it from Pam Ridley in Dalton She bought it at Jacky Jones Ford.. Its number 25
  19. Hey, I'm glad you posted the bumper number! I haven't seen the car in a few years. Mark