Saleen Official "Find the Tangerine Saleens" thread

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by EDGE Motorsport, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. do you know how many of the tangerine saleen's were made in 96?
  2. wow!!.. number 25 really tosses a spanner in to the works... up until just now i thought there were only 5 !!! now we have 6.....
  3. Did you see the recent one on eBay? BIN price of $13K...
  4. which one was that? Did anyone save a link ?
  5. oh no :(... im finding the buy it now button SO hard to resist !!!!!! :nono:
  6. I have a 1996 Tangerine Saleen!! Awesome to see this post.
  7. Hi saleen246, have you got any photos of your saleen? I'm assuming its number 246?

    on the first page of this thread, there is a little list with the options on wach car, what options did yours have ?

    thank's for keeping this thread alive :D
  8. Yes, it's number 246. It's located in California. Manual trans, chrome wheels and black stickers. Here is a pic: Picture%20003.jpg
  9. Nice car:nice: Leather or cloth interior? I notice your car has the heat extractor hood. Do you know if that was added by a previous owner or is it original to your car?
  10. wohooooo... thanks for the info.. added to the top post :)
  11. Black leather. Took it down to Saleen many years ago and Steve signed it on the dash. I added the hood, but still have the original hood.
  12. well it's been almost 5 years, figured i'd check in!