Official "Post pics of your Bright Tangerine '96" thread

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  1. Official "Post pics of your Bright Tangerine 96" thread

    I know you guys are out here. Let's see y'ur orange Stang GT:

  2. Im always up for whoring this pic around :p


  3. WOW.....this thread bombed. Must be there's just the two of us, EDGE. :shrug:
  4. just me and you dude, these things must be super dooper stupid rare...

  5. dude, there cant be just 2 of us....

  6. REVIVAL!!!!!

  7. See this is a REAL OLD THREAD ORIGINALLY until recently. Had one back in I think it was 2000 or 2001 but sold it (long story). But in the works in purchasing another one. YEAH! There has to be people out there that really want to know about this particular car.
  8. I had a Bright Tangerine with white convertible from '98 to 2007, until it was totaled while parked on the street in Tacoma, WA. Sometimes I wonder if it was rebuilt and in someone's garage somewhere. I miss it.
  9. Really, do you have any pictures of it? I always wondered where my old one went. Was yours a stick or auto? hmmm, would be funny if your old car was my old car. I had a white styling bar, 5 speed, white top/white leather with the white/black dash and I remember it had some scratches on the driver side rear quarter I believe. At the time when I sold it, it was a low mileage car, maybe 35+/-k. miles. Loved that car. My new one that I just got is the same except with it's an automatic.

  10. Well, mine was all stock when I bought it. Had a 5 speed; and I installed a black cloth top when the white one wore out, and a 3:73 rear end. It had 36,950 miles on it when I bought it and 180k+ when it was wrecked. No scratches on the driver's side, but someone keyed the passenger side door and the dealer did a :poo:ty job fixing it so I had to raise hell with them to do it right. They went out of business.

    All my pics of it are prints; I'll see if I can scan some. I took it on a 10,000 mile road trip which looped around the country; avoiding interstates whenever possible. I got it up to 140 on US 50 in Nevada; on that road you can drive for hours and not see another car.
  11. I also had 3:73's. What made you put the black top on instead of going back to the white? Mine will have a new top put on this coming week, but looking to keep it as stock as possible. The guy I purchased it from only installed a K&N filter and and Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust. I had a friend at a Ford Dealership look up the options and one of the options was an engine block heater. I had thought when the guy told me it had one, I thought to myself someone added it. But, the list actually states that it came with one. Why are these cars so hard to find out about as far as how many of each were made?
  12. I put a black Stayfast top on it because the white was too difficult to keep clean for a daily driver; plus the black made it look a little less like a chick car!
  13. LOL, I"m a chick (an older chick). But love the Mustangs! For me I guess I think the white gives it a clean look to it. Not that I have anything against the black, I think the black makes the tangerine look more harsh. But to be honest, it really comes down to what each of us prefers. I had a 2000 convertible that I had power lambo doors put on and I did get a lot of heat for messing up a muscle car per say. And yes, I'm sorry that I did it now but at the time I thought it was cool and it surely turned heads. If you go to youtube and type in 2000 mustang gt convertible with power lambo doors you will actually see my car. If it rained this car was certainly not the car to take, the doors are very slow to open and close as you will see.
    I have since sold the car but always wanted my old Tangerine Stang back and just needed to wait for the right moment to buy one, it does have 82K on it but was taken care of for the most part and I really wanted something that wasn't totally molested. I can handle the exhaust and the air intake being changed.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your car. I think I actually only have 1 of my old tangstang. But unfortunately my computer crashed and the laptop I'm currently using doesn't have anything picture wise on it.
  14. Here is mine. I have owned it since 99. Leather interior and 5spd.

  15. That is a beautiful car! You certainly have kept it clean and maintained. How many miles do you have on it? I will try and post a picture of mine. I just had a new top installed and just purchased new OEM white front leather and seat foam. The drivers seat has a tear in it so just going to replace both buckets.

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  16. Thanks, that picture is a couple years old but it is in the same condition as I have put maybe 1,000 miles on it since 08 up until this year when my wife wanted me to get it out of storage. It has 76K and counting. My wife has been ripping around in it for the last couple months. She likes the attention:cool:
  17. Well, I know I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but I was looking for information on the tangerines to get more info on them. (A "friend" told me most of them came with black interiors and grey was semi-rare) so I figured I'd add mine on here too with my new profile, lol. Btw, the black hood, roof and trunk are going away.

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  18. Wow, there is life of the Tangerine Mustang! I can tell you that there were only 829 made of the Bright Tangerine Mustangs only produced in 1996 only. And depending on color of top/interior, automatic/stick and other options of course would be broke down from that 829 cars. My mustang which is white/white, auto has a glass rear window but no rear defroster, but does have a immersion block heater. This car also was the Ford test vehicle in which the original owner (who at the time owned a Ford Dealership) purchased the car from a exculsive dealers only sale. I was told by someone else who actually owns one that he believed his car and mine were 1 of 27 (not sure how that number was generated) I actually would think mine would be 1 of 1 since it was a test vehicle with the odd options listed above. But I don't have those facts. I'm not sure why it is so hard to find the info on these cars.
  19. How did you find all that out? Mine has a 5-speed, with a grey interior. I was TOLD that most of them had black interiors but who knows... There's usually a registry for rarer cars with more information, but I can't seem to find anything.