Oil And Filter Choice

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  1. probably doesn't use the oil either! I think it's just a marketing thing I bet
  2. properly running redline 70W oil , I think ford and castrol no longer sponsor him awhile back.
  3. lol, I forgot it was the castrol car. I would bet that they don't use that oil either unless they blend their own racing oil I don't know about
  4. That's a fram orange can o death filter..lol
  5. :win:
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  6. for the price the motorcraft one seems pretty decent
  7. Ok I'm going to quit posting. There are so many video's out there on these filters it's not even funny. Some of them have some really good extensive tests and great information. I'm outta here :cool:
  8. so many idiot wasting so many good oil filter :chair:
  9. I also run Castrol for no other reason than I'm a Force fan, I run 10w40 synthetic. I use an FL-1 hp filter mainly because it has a heavy duty case and I run pretty high oil pressure. I've seen filters come apart at the base a few times over the years.
  10. I've had 100 lbs of oil pressure and never had a FL1a filter fail fwiw. I simply like the spring design on the Wix a little better, hence the recent switch
  11. I've been in the business over twenty years and I've only seen filters come apart 3 or 4 times, plus I'm pretty sure they were all two dollar no-name filters, but still it's enough to make me wonder. I pretty much only use Wix at my shop.
  12. I might end up switching to Wix now
  13. if you like wix, napa gold is the same :poo:
  14. Yeah, my old man was a 3rd generation mechanic and says it's all marketing. You don't want to grab the cheapest out there but for normal everyday driving most filters will do just fine. It's when you start running the engine harder(racing, etc.) when you want to start looking into those heavy duty filters which may cost a little more but you can clearly see they are better built and should withstand better than the cheaper.

    I was happy to get a chuckle out of some of the video's on the net however :D

    Edit: Changing the filter on a regular basis is the best thing you can do for your engine!