Oil pressure question.....

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by getinaGTsoon, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I recently bought a 1994 Mustang GT Convertible, all stock with 144,000 miles. My question is.... on my oil pressure gauge it constantly stays on the N and sometimes will go on the O.. but hardly ever, and one time I seen it all the way on the R & M. I just had the oil changed today, and even before that it was on the N. I'm kinda worried about it, as I wouldn't know what the problem would be if any.. so is this NORMAL ?

    EDIT: it is an automatic also.

  2. im not great with the sn95's, but that is not a problem any fox owner ever has. LOL. our gauges always are trying to stay off the bottom (i assume you have different gauges than foxes. maybe they are better).

    if it concerns you, do what we all do and run an aftermarket oil pressure gauge. many have one of them and a water temp gauge in the A pillar. or just hook up an extra gauge to check what the pressure really is. then you will know. i generally would say not to worry, but if other 94, 95 owners dont have the same problem, i would check it out with another gauge. every once in while, a sender will go bad and will error on the high side rather than low side. i just dont know if your gauges are better than ours.

    good luck and let us know what you find.
  3. To get the right reading your going to have to get a aftermarket gauge, or borrow one from someone so you can check your pressure. Stock gauges really suck! Kinda sound's like a bad sending unit since it's jumping up an down, you can't really tell what psi your running cause the stupid gauge just say's NORMAL there's no numbers. FYI 10psi for every 1000rpm is safe.......
  4. ok, thanks guys.. sounds like a bad gauge. It doesn't leak/burn oil so I think I'm in good condition.. just a bad gauge/unit since it is all stock anyways.
  5. i think my gauge is shot, or i have really high oil pressure. My gauge is almost to the top all the time. I think its fried becuase it never moves.
  6. haha, considering your car is heavily modified and mine is stock.. I don't know what to think of that post.
  7. Yeah it's prolly shot, get you an aftermarket one. My oil gauge read just at the top of them "M" in normal all the time idle or cruising. Bought a good guage an the pressure was at 10psi at idle an about 40 while crusing....

    Just because he's got some mods won't change the oil pressure. The only thing that i know of that is going to up the oil pressure is a hi-pressure oil pump.