Ok, Now I admit I have a problem! New Toy inside!

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  1. Well I got my XR7 Cougar a short time ago and found that it is not worth saving due to terminal rust of the torque boxes.
    So In need of something to put the engine in I found a new toy.
    It is an 89 Ranger 4x4 Ext cab STX.
    Actually a friend at work needs something to drive for 3-4 months, and we found this truck. It needs some engine work, and the deal is for my labor/help I get the truck when he is done.
    So it will get a mild 2.3T :)
    Cab is solid, but the fenders/Bed are rusty, but that's ok, I have good fenders, and a box I got for Free from a friends Ranger that was rolled :)
    Here is a pic of the new beast, I am excited to get it together! :D
    (click to enlarge)

  2. Just sell me the cougar and I'll provide you with a turbo engine and swap. :nice:
  3. It's only a problem if it impairs your daily activities! (at least that's how I justify my actions) :rlaugh:
  4. well atleast its good your not in denial....:scratch:...i think
  5. That's just one of your various problems we are aware of and haven't mentioned to you.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot. I need the brown tops for the ranger, so you are now on your own buddy!!!!!

    j/k I will try to send them out soon!
  7. notaproblem. I'm gonna finish the red car (still in "almost done" status) before I put the new computer in the 'vo. Just do it when it's convenient. As long as I have it done before the next reunion I'll be happy.