Old Gasoline Removal, What All Has To Be Done

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Aftrbrnr, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. I have a'92 LX 5.0 and a '00 V6 that have been sitting for about three years now and they have to move. However, I am worried about old gas in the cars, and something tells me it might be more involved then draining the fuel tanks alone. Tell me if I got the list right:

    - Fuel lines are clogged, likely will have to be cleared.
    - Injectors
    - Fuel pump
    - Old gas may have caused the tanks to rust, might have to replace them.
    - And of course, drain or siphon the tanks.

    They're sitting at my parent's house about an hour and a half away and since I work out of town constantly, I don't got the time to do it. I almost wonder if I should get them towed to a mechanic and have all the work done there.
  2. I would drop the tanks and drain them. Remove the pump or sending it and then look with a flash light. If there is no corrosion or debris then replace the filters, put new gas in and test for gas coming out at the Schrader on the hard fuel line. If you have good gas coming out you should be good.
  3. Pull the line of the fuel filter and ground the tan/light green wire on the test port. Inspect the gas. Three years your prolly fine I'd get new gas and run some star tron / star bright.
  4. The big issue here is I'm almost certain the cars have gasoline with some form of Ethanol in them (many Canadian gas station chains such as Husky will have some degree of it). I think that stuff goes bad in a few months, given the organic matter in that type of fuel and I hear it has a way of really gumming up the fuel system.
  5. I've had my car sit for a, year and fire up with ethanol gas.
  6. I'd probably siphon or drop the tanks to dump the gas out, then put new gas in and try and start them up. I'd also have someone throw a charger on each one over night for a slow charge.

  7. I did this not too long ago and I was on the lucky side of things. In my case, all I had to do was disconnect the fuel lines from the rails. I ran the pump by putting a jumper wire across the diagnostic terminals and pumped all the fuel out into gas cans. I changed the fuel filter and refilled with clean gas and was done.