omg! Engine was rebuilt...someone help me now!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. wow i just took my heads off today..and holy **** 165,000 motor was freakin rebuilt i think..the piston walls look like they were honed..and no wonder my compression was a perfect 155 for all who knows what was done to this there any tips or ways that i can KNOW what things are stock..and what my can i tell if they were ported or redone?? springs, etc...they had FELPRO gaskets on em..obviously they were off the block oh man...i have no clue how to tell if they were done or not..and also..things like ROckers, pushrods, and do i tell if THEY are stock??!!!!! i wanted to get 1.7 rockers for my new thumper heads..but how do i know they are not already on these heads here?!!! someone help lost lol
  2. Well typically if an engine is rebuilt they bore the cylinders 30 over. Mic your cylinders.
  3. And stock rockers look like cast garbage.
  4. If the rockers dont have a number a number stamped on them they are likely stock...go to summit and have a look at the roller rockers to give you an idea
  5. if it is aftermarket, it most likely has a brand or part number on it.

    for instance my tfs heads, intake, rockers, and even pushrods had TFS or Trickflow on them.
  6. Even from the factory they would look honed. When i took my 50,000 mile '85 GT's motor apart the walls had crosshatch up and down the cylinders. I know for a fact noone other than ford had been in the engine.

    Look for ford part numbers on various parts and see if you can mic the cylinder wall width
  7. yeah mine has 115k on it and my friend can't freakin believe that it hasn't been rebuilt, the factory crosshatchings are on there like sombody did them 10k ago, I love these 5 ohs!
  8. 5.0's are THE BEST and most reliable.
  9. I'm doin a head swap and have heard that it can blow out the rings, is this true?
  10. The easiest way to check for un-ported e7's is to feel for the little hump in the exhaust port. You will know the hump when you see it, its along the top.