Fox On3 Turbo 88 Mustang

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  1. i like the eboost street controller
  2. Be careful with there MAF ive seen a few screw up and not run right...I didn't even buy there MAF the shop that installed mine had a problem with a previous MAF on a car they did before mine...That's why I went with a car has been together almost 3 yrs now...I love being turbo I was supercharged before this...NO comparison ....IMO.,.
  3. Did you buy them used?

  4. Out of curiosity have you ran that at the track? Have any times/dyno numbers?
  5. Any other info on that dash plate? Maybe a seller name?
  6. No Track times yet..being im a convertible...I need a roll cage installed which I have just not in the car yet...I put down just shy of 500 rwhp thru an AOD...on a safe tune...being its a stock block I didn't want them to push it anymore....they said it would make way more
  7. Yo creo te habla Espanol, no?
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  8. lol "hahaha" si yo hablo Espanol
  9. Yes I Bought them Used
  10. Damm Hopefully mine works, It would suck if I had to go buy another Mass Air.
  11. I was looking at those,
    How much Boost are you running ?

  12. I mounted mine backwards so the on3 in not facing out
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  13. Im running 14 psi...I also use a snow performance stage 2 meth kit...
  14. Mine is painted on both sides lol
  15. paint thinner LOL
  16. Lol that should do the job !!