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  1. Last nite on CNN they showed the cars a the auto show and stated that ford said they will only produce 7000 GT500's and so far they already have 50,000 orders taken. that is really gonna be sad for most of those that gotta have one.:D
  2. Now that is what I call supply and demand.
  3. Looks like Ford's gonna cleanup on y'all. At 200 grand per car, that's gonna be their biggest profit maker.:rlaugh: Damn, I think I'll start buying up used 05 GT's and convert them to GT500's. :D
  4. An where du u get 200 grand from?
  5. :nonono: Stupid fugging FoMoCo :chair:
  6. Actually I see the demand but where is the supply? So much for the whole well build enough for everyone that wants one statment. Seriously sounds like the dealers are either A. Flooding the order banks already so as not to get left out. B. They pulled that number out of their Arse. Considering they dont need to hype this car any it makes me think there is something driving that figure.
  7. Supply vs demand = 200K per car. :D Look what happened with the GT40's, Cobra R's and all the other limited production cars of the last 10 years.
  8. A limited production car will always bring more money to the table because its not a dime-a-dozen car like a tan or silver taurus. And there actualy are that many people with cash deposits or even paid in full for their cars out there. The dealership i work at has a nice little list of people waiting for us to come out with a price for their car so they can put a deposit on it. Were thinking of going only about 10k over sticker, most places are much more than that.

  9. Tell Ford to just quit being stupid and make more!!! :flag:
  10. I will definitly agree with you there, more would be better!

  11. here's why more is better ,,,,

    not only would you and your dealership have more to sell, and Ford make more profit ...

    but if Ford doesn't satisfy demand - there will be tens of thousands of unhappy customers turned away, not just those currently on the Waiting List.

    The 'Ill Will' that's being generated by this Bean Counter driven fiasco could haunt Ford for decades.

    (I hate Bean Counters) :notnice:
  12. Ford has done this to alot of their new product lines, even down to the new fuison. I dont know why, but they do. I did hear that there was a ligitmate reason why the numbers for the gt 500 were low and it had something to do with the aluminum heads that were going on the vehicles. But dont know if it was true or here say. Thats also alot of transmissions to but putting out that usaly dosent have that large of a volume increase from year to year. This is a serious machine and am sure its pretty labor intencive. Espicaly considering theis car is almost 80% a twin to the fr500c car that you can order for 130k or so and run in the grand am series as a turn key racer. This is a hard core viper and z06 eater for far less money.

  13. If the dealer prices that I've been reading here are any indication, it wont be that much cheaper than either one of them ... :bang:
  14. Whoa wait a sec the fr500 is a striped down racing vehicle that has no interior what so ever and reinforce roll bars and such. so imo that % would come down more. My understanding is that there is only less than 25 fr500's out there.

    Shooterm 1
    I agree with you on the ill will.
  15. Maybe initially, but look at "the Ferrari Killer" Ford put out in 2005. It started out high, but now you can get them for 20G under MSRP. Something similar will happen. And as for a limited production car this will be better for the lucky ones in the long run. just my opinion.
  16. Im still a firm Beleaver, Money talks and bull**** walks. If money is there, and enough interest is there, Ford will lift that cap. Theres no way they are gonna push people away with the car market in the shape it is in now. Plus the more people they push away will most likly be consumers for other car manufacturers such as a 2008 Challanger or a Camaro or a GTO if its ever produced. Im just saying, Ford is keeping a close eye on this car im almost certain, so dont be surprised if 5 years from now you see these things in an auto mart magazine.
  17. The fr500c is 80%+ the same as the GT 500 in terms of the drivetrain and suspension terms. Obviously the interior is different, but besides weight wont effect the car any. Just make it more pratical to drive around than the fr500c. And yes, the same thing will happen to this as did the cobras when they went supercharged. The do come down, but the people who want it first will pay, and are happy to do so, so they are the first in town seen with a new shelby mustang. And just think of all the @$$ you could get with this car!