Only on a rainy day.....!

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  1. Electrical problems....

    I went to the store to grab some donuts...(go figure!), as I was walking back to my 2004 V6 mustang, the remote control would not work...thinking it was just the battery in the remote, I opened the door the old fashion way with the key. When inside, I heard a bell chime that was going off constantly and the interior overhead light was on, but I could not control either. I decided to get home and check it out there, as I left the parking lot, I noticed that, nothing electrical worked...the wipers, brake light, nothing, but the car was running fine.
    I got home took the fuse panel cover off ...pushed it back on and the lights and blinker were working again, however, the interior light and the chime were still there a reset procedure I need to know about ?... I am sure it is a fuse or electrical problem, and I will work on it after my donuts...of course... Has anyone run into this problem and can help...this will save me from pulling out what little hair I have left!
  2. You have a door switch that is broken. This has happened to me several times before. Check the drivers side first since it is used most often. Open the door wide, and mid-top you will see a switch that when closed turns off the door chime and turns off the light. THAT is the one that needs replacing. Junk yard or garage to get one, it doesn't matter as they are fairly cheap. Good Luck!