"optimal" A/f ratio for supercharged 4.6

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a 98 block with a v2SQ...what is the optimal a/f ratio I should be shooting for when my car gets dyno tuned tomorrow morning?

  2. 14.7 is ur static a/f...

    12.5-13 depending on how safe want to go.

    Lean is fast, fat is safe.....
  3. for wide open throttle with stock engine 11.8-11.5 and with built engine 11.7-12.0
  4. I tuned my 351 n/a fox to 11.5-12... was telling him a bit safer #'s for the blowers sake...
  5. :nonono:12.5-12.6 is where my car is safe - 13 would be too lean even for me

  6. anything higher than 12 is not considered safe with a blower
  7. Bingo! :nice: 11.9 Pea Yes Eye dare little blow machine is 10 is overkill is you shoot for the 11'somwhere is BLGT is not blowing lean up yer waste gate.
  8. I don't have a blower. High compression with heads/cams. I'm saying his blower a/f recommendation is closer to my N/A range - and even still too lean:shrug:
  9. On a forged motor and boost you can safely tune for 12 flat. On a stock engine I would say no more than 11.8 AFR . Be sure the timing is 16 or below if you are running pump gas...
  10. Cool...around 12 then...I am at 13 now without the blower, just the engine...does that mean I am running lean or rich? Lower the number, the higher or lower the fuel content?
  11. Low means rich. 13 is fine stock n/a. Most shoot for 12.9-13.1
  12. Mine is 11.6 to 11.8 and I passed emissions with flying colors (in california too) and my car runs great.
  13. Ignore me.... Posting at work causes dislexia(sp)....

    11.5 for a blower..12.0 on a n/a. My counting was backwards for some reason... my bad. :D
  14. whos tuning it ? hopefully not Haywood ?
  15. 12.0 is too rich for a N/A 4.6:thinking:
  16. you know, my opinion is"it depends". i noted the factory WOT a/f for the gt500 (11.8).

    for my setup, it has the same c/r as the gt500(8.5:1) but i think i am going to risk a bit leaner. but my combustion chambers will have no sharps. and my temps will be cooler than a stock car(160).
  17. what the **** are you babbling about?