Options Other Than Stock EFI?

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  1. I had planned on using the stock MAF setup for my car, but since I am rewiring the rest of the car, I felt like I was cheaping out on the stock engine harness/computer. I had planned on getting a Tweecer, but if I am going to spend the money anyway, I feel the need to do it right the first time.

    What systems are in use by everyone here? Any problems? Anything that makes one stand out from another? Is one easier to tune over another? So far I have only heard of the XFI system.

    Can someone give me a link to read up a little more, all I can find are prices, and not to much info on the products.

    Combo will be a 427W/Super Vic or AFR225 heads/custom cam/TFS R 90MM intake.
  2. Tweecer.com
    Anderson PMS

    Those are the 3 most common 'tuners' for the stock ecu.

    After that you are looking at standalones.

    there are more, but I need some sleep...

    Realistically, any of these will do VERY well with what you are building.

    Is there a feature in particular you are concerned about?
    What will the car be used for?
    What do you not like about how the car is running now?

  3. There is an older thread in this section that had a really good comparison of many of these systems, but I'm not seeing it now...
    I may have been the one that started it, if that helps...

  4. I am looking for a standalone. What is the SDS?

    I really want to be able to switch from one tune to another, quickly. Like when i'm driving, switch from the economy tune for the street, to a tune for the nitrous.

    The car will be a daily driver (when it runs) and I will go to the track once every two weeks, hoping to runs 5's in the 1/8 mile.

    I love the way the car is running now with the 4 cyl and 80hp, but the 427 on the engine stand with what i am hoping is 550RWHP plus a 200 or 250 shot is what I am worrying about being able to tune.

    Also, I don't want to use 14 year old wiring for the engine, when the rest of the car is getting re wired anyway.

    Edit: Great link Millhouse, thanks :D