Ordered March 8th

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  1. I am currently serving in the USAF and stationed at Yokota AB Japan, I ordered My 2011 GT Prem on the above date from the Military Exchange New Car Sales. I have been here for almost 6 years and Korea before this. I cannot get the Mustang shipped to Japan due to the lack of Ford dealers here on the island. However, I received orders to Kaiserslautern Germany and the Car will be shipped in November.

    I feel like I'm 18 again and figured I needed to join a respected community since I will be a Mustang owner again.
    I previously had: '74 Mustang Ghia w/ tried to transplant a 460, but had serious issues with the C6, oilpan, radiator, driveshaft, major firewall fabrication.. I was young, it was a complete failure...
    '77 Cobra II stock
    '83 GT Hi-Po 4speed
    '87 GT 5.0 5M
    '91 LX notchback 5.0 auto

    My current order, is for a Black, 401a Charcoal/Cashmere, 6spM w/373s, 55D Brembos w/standard 19x9.
    with Shipping, Freight charge, Overseas protection and 7yr/75k warrenty, it came to $34.5k after the rebate.

    I am a long time loyal Mustang fanatic, I am very open to all criticism and technical pointers, as long as its from another Mustang fanatic. :flag:
  2. That's a pretty cool history of ponies, mate. Welcome to StangNet! :cheers:

    Stay safe our there and thank you for your service. :flag:
  3. My Grandfather had a '64 2+2 with and I6 and my father had a '78 King Cobra. My first Love was my fathers KC. I do have a very strong passion for the '74 to '78 Mustangs. I can tell Mustang II owners from experience, That a 351w or 351c is a great upgrade for those cars, no need to go overboard.

    The guy who bought my Ghia replaced the 460 with a 351c and was doing fine at the strip in PA, OH and VA.