OT: I'm back from Europe... pics inside.

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  1. Hello all, I'm back from Europe. I had a great time concidering I wasn't all that excited about going. We went to Italy and France. In Italy we went to Rome, Assisi, Venice, Ferrara, Florence, Nice, Monaco/Monte Carlo, and Paris. I went with my wife and her parents. I set up an account on picturetrail for all to see. Between my inlaws and our camera, we have over 500 digital pics, but I only put up about 50. Take a look and be sure to sign our guest book. When viwing, don't use the slideshow feature as it only shows 20 of the 50 pics I have. Click a pic on the left side and then hit the "next" button. I also found my next work car when I was there. You either love it or you hate it, but I LOVE it... for a work car. Its a company called SMART http://www.smart.com and they make 2 passenger LITTLE cars with 3 cyl engines. They can be parked damn near anywhere, are capable of over 80mph, they get like 50+MPG and are around $10K new. They are coming to the states in 2006. I drive about 700 miles a week for work, and I think this would make for the perfect work car for me. I particularly like the roadster version. Anyway, here's the link to my pics... I'm pretty proud of how well they came out.

  2. cool pics, that little roadster isnt a bad looking car. hell with 50+ mpg i would buy that thing.
  3. Those pictures are REALLY nice. I love that Eiffel Tower at night picture.

    I hope to get their soon.
  4. Wow....Once in a lifetime trip....Cool pics...The Vatican is incredible...Be nice to see it in person some day...
  5. Thanks guys!

    Here's a pic of the smart roadster...
  6. The car looks great! However, I am 6'5" and might not be able to even sit in one. :) I can't even get into an S2000 and I'm not big, just tall.

    Pretty cool, though. Gotta find a close up picture.
  7. i agree, that 'venice at night' picture is awesome. That sucks, it makes college guys like me with no money very envious...

    i hope to visit there in the future. btw, if there is a way to host the full quality pics in like a folder so we/i could dld them it would be cool. not sounding like a stalker am i? well i just think they're really cool

  8. Chris, here is that pic shrunk to half of its original size... its still huge!

  9. How weird, I took an almost exact duplicate of your "view from the Eiffel Tower" picture about 5 years ago :nice:
  10. I've heard about those smart cars, apparently they are *very* popular over there.
  11. nice pic paul!!! :nice:
  12. Very nice pictures... :nice:
  13. wow, that place is nice. i bet you had a grand time coming back to your hurricaned house
  14. nice pics Paul!
  15. those pics are awsome :nice: i would like to go to those places someday !
  16. Nice pics Paul.:nice: I signed your guestbook also.
  17. Now we find out the truth no wonder he has so much money to put into his stang he has a hotel in venice bet he makes enough off that for all of us to have that nice of a car lol

    Very nice pics Paul
  18. Yeah nice pics. I have always wanted to go to Europe. I never get to travel. My gf has been all over the world though. She just got back for ireland.

  19. Nice trip. It brought back memories of several trips I have taken to France. Gotta go again soon.
  20. I'm not much for traveling to foreign countries, but those pictures do make those places look incredible. Maybe I'll have to talk the parents into letting me study abroad in Italy for a semester. :) Very nice pics, Paul.