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  1. My 69 fastback is going to paint next month. I have decided to go with Calypso coral. I like the color and it is correct for the yearut I have only seen it in pictures and never on an actual car. And the cars pictured have been Mach 1s with the Mach striping. My concern is this, my car is not a Mach so there will be no striping to break up the color, and it may be an awful lot of coral. I am considering blacking out the hood and adding rear louvers that will help some, but I am still unsure.

    What are your thoughts
  2. Yes the black out hood would look great on the coral ,and the louvers would add a lot . My 69 GT. was Gulfstream Auqua ,it had a black out hood ,no louvers but it had a GT stripe in black across the bottom of the door ,i really like the Aqua but i think it would be a bit much with out the black out and a bit plain looking . Do you have the correct hood scoop for a 69?
  3. Yes the scoop is original to the car. I also think the GT stripe would look good but unfortunately the car is not a GT. Maybe I can find a GT like stripe without the GT lettering. I have also seen the rockers painted black.

    Gulfstream Aqua is still in the running.
  4. Apparently this C stripe was offered in 69 70 wish I could find one.
  5. That is a 70 but the stripe is a 69 boss 302 type stripe ,but it doesn't have the boss 302 letters . you could paint it on with out the letters.
  6. Not convinced that the coral will work for me. So I am going to try and find a nice silver gray, not original to the year.
    That's the color the car was when my dad got it 20 years ago.
  7. I already have the Gulfstream Aqua paint ,and i have black ,i also have Candy Apple red . The red i am going to use on the convert or the 66 fast back replica, so that leaves me with Aqua or black for my 69 .I just can't make up my mind . Look up the color codes for the 71 mustang they had a nice Silver metalic.
  8. Light pewter image.jpg
  9. Yeah ,light pewter .I had a 72 CJ mach 1 fast back in light pewter and black trim and it looked great ,It looks much better than the paint chip in real life ,especially when clear coated
  10. I agree I just can't tell if it's a metallic
  11. Yeah on the paint chip ,if it says poly ,it is metallic .
  12. Pewter takes on a kind of bronze gold look at certain lighting and actually looks very nice ,clear really makes it glow.
  13. I once owned a 69 428 R code SCJ that was just about a dead ringer for this car ,mine had a shaker hood ,but it was the same other than that .Stupidest thing i ever did was to trade it for a Ski boat :(
    This is gulf Stream Aqua :hail:
  14. I remember as a kid there was an older local kid that had a gray and black 73 Mach and that car was beautiful. I agree with you in thinking there's something about the shape of the 69 and 70 cars that they need a different color on the hood at least, unless they are black or have a Boss 429 scoop on the hood. I remember Calypso Coral being a crazy color, but the images that come up on an internet search just look more normal red to me. I don't see anything wrong with choosing red. It's not my first choice but also not my car!

    Gulfstream Aqua is a great choice I agree. Gray/black usually looks good, but there are a lot of Eleanor cars that got painted those colors, don't know if you care about that.

    I've been dreaming about painting my 70 for many years, but I need to fix the body first. I always think I'd like some darker metallic green similar to a Bullit color, but still I think the car will need black on the hood. Either that or just keep it black like it currently is. My car was born in Forest Green - I hate that color but it makes me want to use some shade of dark green. What color did your car come from the factory with?
  15. Another color that works very well on a 69-70 is Acapulco blue .It is darker than Gulf stream ,more like Sapphire blue and the black out goes great with it
  16. My 69 was originally Wimbledon white with a red interior. Not my favorite.
  17. Not to put more choices in your head but grabber blue and grabber orange are a couple of my favorites.
  18. This is an agonizing decision but I have decided on calypso coral even though I have not seen it on an actual car only pictures and only on Mach ones. I will black out the hood and the rockers below the chrome trim. I am still undecided on blacking out the front and rear valance. Thanks for all of your suggestions ,my only hope is that my car will look as good as all of yours regardless of your color choice.
  19. Mine is still in primer ,two colors :rlaugh:any color you go with will look better . I have seen calypso coral on a 70 boss 302 and it looks great ,especially with the black.
    I am close to ready for paint also ,but now the weather is too hot .Maybe Sept or October ,it needs to rain at least one time ,there is so much dust from lack of rain that every thing is covered in it .